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Mouf Rot


Genres: Metal / Hip Hop

Location: Co Spgs, CO

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Mouf Rot is a blend of underground Colorado Hip Hop fused with Heavy Metal. We like to call this unorthodox sound, "Killerado Death Hop".

Mouf Rot is:
Trick Face (Through The Waste/Charlie 212)
Tape Deck (Sworn Enemys/Charlie 212)
Jizzy J (Through The Waste/Demon Dweller/My Shadow In Blood [former Despise The Sun, Execration, Dismemberment, and Vomit God])
P Double
O.G. Skrote
The Jerk (Through The Waste/Fuct From Birth [R.I.P.- 2013]).

In 2006 Tape Deck (then known as Virulent 1) attended a practice session of since deceased local heavy metal band Through The Waste. As a goof, the band started playing a hip-hop style beat and Tape took the mic and spat ill wit it.

Later that same year, TTW bassist, Cody O, was imprisoned, putting the band on hiatus. During the interval, TTW guitarist The Jerk (Fuct From Birth/Demon Dweller) and vocalist Trick Face teamed up with Tape Deck to form a new band, Charlie 212 (named after Cody O's cell and ward number) to expand on the sound that they had previously created.

Charlie 212 was a blast. The epitome of a party band. Great songs were coming along. A brand new vision for "rap-metal" was being pioneered there at The Compound, practicing and partying next door to such bands as Execration, and Bohemian Grave. There was never a dull moment, or a sober moment for that matter.

Late 2009, Cody O was finally released and TTW was back, Unfortunately, neither band would last very much longer. Both TTW and C212 were starting to have structural issues. After months of continuous struggles obtaining solid, long lasting drummers and bassists for C212 and internal drawbacks and family complications with TTW, in early 2010, the bands parted ways indefinitely.

Tape Deck linked back up with Coldiron and delivering CO hip hop as Sworn Enemys.
The Jerk at that time had all but stopped doing music but went on to Create his "one man band" called FuctFromBirth.
Trick Face and former TTW guitarist Jizzy J were experimenting with a new "off the beaten path" sound.

Early 2010. Jizzy J's focus and talents were shifted to his new, promising, metal bands Despise The Sun and Demon Dweller.

Trick Face, had kept the "Death Hop" concept alive, continuing to make unconventional beats, and now assumed the role of "guitarist" (before the arrival of The Jerk and Jizzy J), laying out 7 string riffs. Shortly thereafter, Tape Deck, P Dub, O.G. Skrote, Jon The Wall and (much later) The Jerk (FuctFromBirth) were recruited to rebirth Charlie 212 in the form, and under the name, of Mouf Rot. Jizzy J parted ways with Despise The Sun and linked back up with the Mouf Rot guys and then the group was complete.

May 15th, 2013 Aaron "The Jerk" Swanson passed away in his sleep. Mouf Rot in its entirety was devistated at the loss of their friend. However the group moved forward in his honor.

"Like" us on FaceBook at: www.facebook.com/MoufRotCO, and on Tumblr at http://www.tumblr.com/blog/moufrot. Plus we have more songs and beats at https://soundcloud.com/mouf-rot, and Twitter https://twitter.com/MoufRot


  • lorken said:
    good shit, make more. Oct 02
  • jacob mcdade said:
    What happened guys, us the people want more music Sep 05
  • ༺ღ ℜaveη ღ༻ said:
    Lovin' that "death hop" style. "Bird to da wize" is insane awesome. Keep on. Sep 03
  • jacob mcdade said:
    i like it guys! not bad at all yall need to make more though Aug 19

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