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Folk, Blues, Country - Mose Stephenson

The NEW CD "By Any Other Name" - Listen here.


Genres: Folk / Acoustic / Country

Location: Barrie, ON

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4 tracks

As heard on CBC Radio. Check out the NEW "UNCONDITIONALLY YOURS" and "PAN THE FALLEN" VIDEOS from YouTube through the Video tab above.

FOR BOOKINGS and GENERAL INFO, email MOSE STEPHENSON [hamletvangogh@gmail.com] or call 705-726-4132.

"A musical Malcolm Lowry, rising out from under his own personal volcano!" -The Times Colonist

"Stephenson is to music what Van Gogh was to painting; only with both ears and twice the personality defects!" - The Ottawa Citizen

"From Shakespeare to Cohen, and from Byron to Yeats . . . you can just tell that Stephenson's read them all . . . at least twice!" -The Stratford Herald

"Mose Stephenson is probably the most "globally local" folk-singer to come along since Steve Goodman!" - Leonard Dylburn, The Brigadoon Centennial Standard

"What nourishes and sustains the collective banality of the trough-nuzzling herd; absolutely stuffs and drugs the calculated, well-timed, premeditated, psychic blood-lust, and cosmic indifference of our corporate shepherds". - M.Stephenson

Why I Write . . .

"I write for the starry-eyed, shameless, and audacious naivety of love; against a backdrop of a shaken and irrefutable futility; and of its obligation to the impracticable, even in the face of odds and lots that would defy the very essence, and the gist of actuality itself."

"I write for the broken poets strung upon the crosses of our collective lack of resolve towards all things infinitely possible; lips vinegar-wet, and aching in the name of simple courtesy, and for the sake of graces long-neglected, claimed unworthy . . . and . . . obsolete."

"I write for the misbegotten soul compelled to wear his injured state of place with a composed dignity . . . free of complacency; in spite of what has been intentionally swindled from his wounded latency and shackled potency, in the name of corporate infidelity."

"I write for the day when this species shall rise up and shake off our fettered dormancy; and face down the ludicrous with a calculated accuracy; that will rattle and shatter those footings formerly founded upon . . . perversity, prevarication, perjury . . . and . . . chicanery."

"I write for wage slaves and their households; degraded, exhausted and yoked to the great stones of temptation, distraction, intoxication, murder and despair; sandpaper wheels that grind down to dust; all things confident, authentic, spontaneous, and enthusiastic."

"I write for those un-mined diamonds and rubies of the soul; whose emerald brilliance will kindle a way for the lost and the lonely, the broken-hearted, and the violated chastity of sacrificial lambs and doves; fleece-shorn and wing-clipped in the name of rapacity."

"I write because I was once shoved into a corner with no other weapon with which to defend what remained of my honour, than a piece of paper; and whatever I could muster from the depths of my sullied self-respect and the perpetual broken-ness that insisted."

"I write because I once played the town clown, parodied and shunned by all; who swore on the grave of his progeny that he would out-wit, out-smart, and out-live his off-springs butchers; and drink deep from a cup reserved for those who cannot desert their sorrow."

"I write because I couldn't hold down a regular job, or support myself in the manner expected of me by those not inclined to deviate from the well-beaten track; and because I heard a sweet music in my head that beckoned me over hills and bourns that rang me on."

"I write because I hung up my hockey stick, and turned to chemicals and skirts just after puberty; and because I assumed I knew it all, and that I would live forever; giving no thought for what the long run might bring, until I'd all but turned into a pillar of salt."

"I write because I feel like something horrible is happening to this world, and that I've been singled out to address this thing; and that I need to reach my fellow creatures with this compelling urgency before the oracle shuffles her cards, and our . . . luck . . . runs out."

M. Stephenson, 2011


  • ☮Matthew☮ said:
    lovin the music, please take a listen to my music it would be greatly appreciated http://www.purevolume.com/mattVinson41019. Jul 27
  • Marty said:
    I love your CD's-----heartfelt, real, and resonates our greatest passions., our hardest tribulations and immense desire to experience all that we can on this training ground we call planet earth.. love ya mab Jul 19
  • Leslie said:
    Hi Mose! I just signed up, and I think I'm gonna get all three CD's after all... I'll be in touch! :) L0kI (Leslie) Jan 15

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