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Genres: House / Hip Hop / Funk

Location: Hornings Mills, ON

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Only suckers listen to one song at a time. Why not kill two birds? Not literally of course, unless you're planning on eating them or something.
Seriously though, as much as I like Girltalk, my brew is for listeners with attention spans.

Hence, the track Rollin' and Quittin': Nine and a half minutes of MC Hammer's Too Legit To Quit blended with a double shot of bonk breakin' kicks via Rollin' and Scratchin'. On a side note, I will promise only to refer to the holy house duo on sparing occasions.

Right in Front of My Face came up at the most hick laden house party ever; squirming with Kid Rock fans and a handful of girls with a palette for bad 90's pop. I was requested to download CeCe Peniston's "Finally". Champion's "Tawoumga" brought the backup. Skanky guitar with smooth R&B thumps quickly came to my aural aid, giving Peniston the balls she had been asking for.

Obsessed reflects my feelings toward TMDP, Toronto's most prolific disco tagteam. The track, Push It, spreads synth thick and generous, similarly to how I use peanut butter. And I funnel all my energy into my sandwiches. For Canadians, the track Obsession by Animotion is forever imprinted in our minds as the theme from Fashion Television, hearkening back to the days we had to go to bed after America's Funniest Home Videos.

Golden Flute came about a long time ago when I couldn't stop listening to my Jurassic 5 mixtape whilst driving my 1995 purple Ford Escort. 'Twas the bomb. Accompanying What's Golden is a Luke Vibert song that I don't know the name of... However, given J5's track record of using funky flute tracks, the idea crystallized overnight.

Footnote: I will soon host higher res audio files for audiophiles.


  • veathn said:
    Rollin' and Quittin' was stellar man, I listened to all of the files I could find on here on repeat while I crushed the Empire in battlefront, then I rounded out the evening with Revenge of the Sith on mute. Damn that opening scene! Sep 28
  • veathn said:
    I remember when you showed me this at Jamesses house. It is still blowing my mind! I grabbed all the files you put up and that wicked image (the most powerful hero fist portrait I have ever seen!) Dude, I really needed some yoda style wisdom lately, we should watch some cartoons soon Sep 27

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