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The Evolution of the Salon and Spa Industry

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Using the explosion of the multi-billion dollar beauty industry lose your pounds . be a trend developing. Companies are starting to blur the lines between a salon and spa. What was formerly only available in a salon is beginning to appear in spas all over the world. Businesses who once specialized, now wind up offering a wide array of beauty services giving the buyer a one stop beauty experience.

Mighty Clean Auto Spa
Some of the beauty product retailers have full hair salons and nail salons in their stores. I'm sure clothing long before they start to add some spa services at the same time. It reminds me lots of what happened in the automotive maintenance industry. Automotive repair fix are now being offering at previously exclusive oil change and tire service centers. The margins on oil changes and tires are so low that in order to make a viable business, these shops have to generate additional revenue because of their sheer survival. As well as what more logical way rather than offer a complete auto repair service lineup.

The beauty market is following along the same lines. Simple nail salons have started to realize that as both cost of living and the price of running a business go up they desire more revenue. The logical choices to expand in other parts of the beauty industry. These companies have eliminated the excellence between a salon and spa. Spas today offer traditional salon service and salons have added traditional spa services. Soon we will have mega-beauty complexes where you can get your hair, nails, massages, facials, makeup, tanning, waxing and then for any other beauty service you can think of. I'm not sure the drive-through cosmetic salon is something that we'll see but I think we'll get close!

A lot of the small salon and spa owners are reluctant owners at best. They are the individuals who perform actual services and consist of hairdressers, nail techs, masseuses etc. They will rather just do their business and not have to worry about the important points and headaches of operational. It is a mindset thing. The thing is that they don't want to surrender the freedom that being your own personal boss yields. a niche developing in salon and spa businesses. Whether they can have their freedom and not have to worry about the business aspects, are going to very happy. These mega-beauty complexes will begin to fill that void and supply these individual proprietors a feeling of relief. They will be able to be a part of a business instead of be "the" business. Obviously they've got to give up a little income as a way to give up the headaches of owning your own personal business, but I think a lot of people will consider that a smaller price to pay.


Posted Jul 22, 2015 at 6:20am