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Spa Cover and Hot spa Cover Care Guide

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There is nothing worse than spending lots of money on a luxury item say for example a spa or hot tub and then letting it deteriorate, especially when by following a few simple steps of maintenance, it may give pleasure for years to come.

Mighty Clean Auto Spa
The first step is to make sure your spa or spa cover fits properly. An ill-fitting cover allows dirt and debris to get into the spa which could cause problems with the water quality. This not just starts to affect the integrity from the spa cover, but can also cause health concerns. In addition, an ill-fitting spa cover, allowing heat to emerge from, is less efficient keep the water warm.

If cared for properly a spa or hot spa cover can last up to 5 -10 years. Here are some ideas on keeping your spa cover in tip-top condition.

Mighty Clean Auto Spa

Mighty Clean Auto Spa
Clean the Cover Regularly. Using mild soap and water, clean the cover gently and regularly to remove abrasive dirt and dust. Never utilize a petroleum-based cleaner; it will void the warranty (e.g. Armor-All).

Protective Treatment. Even though the cover has been treated with ultra-violet inhibitors to prevent fading, the use of a protective treatment will help prolong the life of an spa cover. We recommend 303 Aerospace Protectant.

Keep the Cover Clear. After a heavy rain or snow storm, sweep any standing water or snow off the hot tub cover. An accumulation of snow or puddles of water could bow the duvet.

Handles. When opening the duvet use only the handles. The handles can now be used only for rasing and lowering the cover. Do not carry the spa cover together. Do not hang, lift, or yank the spa cover through the tie down straps or skirting.

Get yourself a cover lifter. If the cover is simply too awkward or heavy for you to lift/move and the cover drags on the ground you will damage the vinyl. The top's lifter allows you to slide, lift or tilt the top's up and from the spa with ease. Some popular models are: The Cover Caddy, The Cover Valet, Cover Genie, Hide and Auto Spa Cover.

Drain Excess Moisture. Stand the tub cover at a time occasionally to drain excess moisture from this. The foam core has become wrapped and heat-sealed in plastic film to retard absorption of water but this will help to prevent the absorption of steam moisture.

No Heat Producing Objects. Objects like grills, lanterns, tiki torches, etc must be kept away from the spa cover. Excessive heat will damage the vinyl and foam inserts.

Take away the Whole Cover. With the spa, do not leave half the cover on the spa. The trapped steam will work into the foam board. Using a cover lifter can help keep the cover off the spa much more use.

Get a Floating Cover. Using a floating solar or thermal cover together with your spa cover will help prevent water absorption in to the foam and also protect the coverage from harmful chemical filled condensation that can eat away on the underside. It can also increase the overall insulation price of your cover.

Don't Over Chlorinate. A fundamental part of the care of your hot spa cover is the chemistry in the water in your spa/hot tub. As the water evaporates the substances in the steam may affect the hot tub cover and accelerate the deterioration from the plastic, particularly for the underside. By making sure that the balance of all necessary chemicals is proper, you will extend the life span of your cover exponentially. A sensible way to check on the chemical balance of one's spa water is to take a sample with a hot tub or spa dealer and have them analyze it in your case.

When monitoring the river yourself there are some things to understand. If you use a floating canister with chlorine or bromine tabs within it, place only a few tabs at the base of it. If the canister is filled with tabs there is no way to help keep it from dispersing too much sanitizer into your water. Excessive sanitizer will cause an evident change in color, texture and odor of the underside of your cover. This implies the seams in the vinyl are being made weaker also. Another significant issue it can cause is waterlogged foam board that may weigh over a hundred pounds!

Should your hot tub is equipped with an ozonator and it is overproducing you will experience the same result.

If the PH is neutral water will not hurt anything. When the PH is too acidic or too alkaline it's very destructive and you will have the same result.

Tend not to splash chemicals about the spa cover. Move the cover completely outside the water when adding chemicals to ensure that splashing cannot inadvertently achieve the cover.

Pool Toys. Tend not to leave pool toys lying into the hot tub cover in the sunshine. They act like a magnifier and will melt the foam board on the shape of the toy thereby providing a place for water to puddle as well as making the foam board weaker. Also, covering your spa cover with clear plastic or the blue and brown tarps that are readily available can melt the foam board.

Don't Get up on the Cover. Do not walk, jump or play on the spa cover. Nevertheless, there are walk-on covers that can withstand the load of an adult or child sitting on the cover, it is wise because of their safety and the condition in the cover, not to do so.

Puddles. Possibly water standing on your cover, discover the zipper and carefully unzip that side, take away the foam board, immediately flip it over and change it into the vinyl. Zip it up and the puddle should disappear. Tend not to remove the foam board and wait, the vinyl could dry and shrink making it impossible to replace the froth board.

Get a Spa Cover Cap. This is a tarp-like cover with an elastic hem which goes over your cover and gives protection from the elements.

Report any warranty issues immediately. Don't wait for the problem to escalate.

As you have seen these tips are common-sense as well as simple to follow. By following these guidelines your spa or hot tub cover will provide many years of enjoyment for your family.


Posted Jul 22, 2015 at 5:52am