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Kanye West, Jimmy Kimmel Make Nice After Beef

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ABC Kanye West, left, and Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West have made peace. our editor recommends Kanye West Lashes Out Against Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter Over Spoof The men publicly ended their feud on Wednesday during an episode of ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which the pair engaged in a surprisingly sincere, long discussion about the pressures of celebrity. At times both of their voices trembled as they discussed a feud that began after Kimmel debuted a sketch on his show in which children re-enacted an interview West gave to BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe. West responded to the sketch by going on a Twitter rant against Kimmel on Sept. 26 and calling him to demand a public apology . PHOTOS: Kanye West's 20 Most Jaw-Dropping Quotes On Wednesday's show, Kimmel admitted that he'd only watched a little of West's BBC Radio 1 interview when they did the sketch, and said he mostly did it because he finds it funny to "see kids curse." "I think some people read into it differently that we were positioning you as a child, which was not the case," Kimmel said, noting they've done similar sketches for other celebrities.
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The rap artist was cool as a cucumber on Saturday as he pulled into an underground parking garage in Beverly Hills ahead of a business meeting. Kanye emerged from his matte black Lamborghini dressed in a red plaid flannel top over a grey T-shirt, light grey jeans and tan suede shoes. Calm and collected: Kanye West was surprisingly relaxed as he arrived for a meeting in Beverly Hills on Saturday despite the drama surrounding girlfriend Kim Kardashian's family Kim Kardashian's baby daddy also had his cell phone glued to his ear the whole time, stopping for a minute to exchange paperwork with the car park valet. Kanye's amazing wealth was evident not only from the fancy sports car, but the thick gold chain hanging around his neck and the bracelet on his wrist. The 36-year-old musician showed no sign of stress or worry as he went on his way. Wearing his flannels: The 36-year-old rapper was coolly casually in a red plaid flannel shirt over a grey T-shirt Not so graceful exit: Getting in and out of a scissor-door vehicle isn't as easy it sounds Important call: Kanye had his cell phone glued to his ear which made stepping out of the car even more difficult In fact, Kanye seemed exceptionally nonplussed considering that it was just on Tuesday that Kim's mother Kris and stepfather Bruce Jenner announced they were splitting after 22 years of marriage.
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We Are All Kanye: West Tells Kimmel He’s Misunderstood, But We Get You, Yeezy

Both assured us this wasnt a publicity stunt. Niceties aside, it looked for moment that Kimmel was going for the jugular when he told Kanye, A lot of times I think you bring it on yourself, this kind of misunderstanding about you. With an intense Kanye staring deep into his soul, Kimmel added, A lot of people think youre a jerk. But then he defended him, sharing with the audience a photo of the rapper posing with Kimmels father at a wedding. I know this guy, hes not a jerk. Here is how Kanye responded, as best as we could follow, considering he basically gave us a verbal draft of his memoirs last night: On Celebrity: -Im not running for office, Im just here to make good music, make people feel goodfor me, Im a creative genius and theres no other way to word it and I know youre not supposed to say those things about yourself. -Its bigger than who I am evenIts about when I was on Earth, what did I do to help? -I had an art background even before I was a musicianIm more of a messenger than a rapper. -I could care less about any of these cameras, in all honesty. All I care about is my family. On Constantly Calling Himself A Genius: Kimmel: I think that upsets people, but the truth is, a lot of people think that they are geniuses and nobody says it. Kanye: Im totally weird and Im totally honest and Im totally inappropriate at times. On Kim: Theres no way that Kim Kardashian shouldnt have a star on the Walk of Fame. On Comparing Kimmel to Spongebob: Kimmel: Do you really think I look like Spongebob? Kanye: I mean, its the first thing that came to my mind. On His Real Time Twitter Rant (which was written from his L.A. home): -They were really fun to me as I was writing itthe only reason why I could do that is because we could speak on a similar level and go back and forthI just thought that this was amazing you know, just crack mediaI do everything I can to break media. -You shoulda saw the second set of tweets! On Fashion (after Kimmel presented him with a pair of leather jogging pants for Nori) Fashion isnt always practical, its more about a motion, its about swag [expletive]its more about style and stuff. On the Difficulties of Breaking into Fashion: -Ive got ideas that mean something, if I could put the proper production around themI mean theres no black guy at the end of the runway in Paris. -(After a lengthy metaphor about how hard Michael Jackson had to fight to get his videos played on TV), I still cant break that wall downeveryone kind of just looks at you like youre crazyits like how can you get a shot? On Society: Its not about racism anymore, its classism. On the point of his BBC interview rant: -People are too scared of getting spooked in a way. -Creators get beat up my entire lifeI refuse to follow those rules that society has set up and the way that they control people with low self esteem. -The only luxury is timethe time you spend with your family.
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But it is most certainly more honest to say, 'I am a genius.'" "I'm totally weird and totally honest and I'm totally inappropriate sometimes, and the thing is for me not to say I'm not a genius I'd be lying to you and to myself." The fight broke out the day after Kimmel hired a child actor to portray West in a recreation of an interview West gave on BBC Radio 1 in which he discussed the limitations he's faced as his fame has grown, among many other topics. West told Kimmel he's often upset with his portrayal in the media but usually keeps his reaction to himself. This time, though, since he knew Kimmel, he felt he had a license to reach out by phone and discuss his disapproval man to man. "That elevates sometimes," West said. "Jimmy does his thing, I do my thing, and at some point egos can flare up, and we kind of took it back to high school." Kimmel showed the highlights from West's resulting Twitter rant - "You should have seen the second set of tweets," West joked - and admitted he'd just seen a few snippets of the BBC interview before approving the skit and didn't realize how personal it was.
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It was rambling. It was confrontational. But it was far from the first time that a celebrity has delivered a cringe-worthy appearance on a late-night show. In honor of Kanye and Kimmels uncomfortable face-to-face, TheWrap offers a few choice gems from the annals of awkward television interviews. Crispin Glover on Letterman Perhaps the grand-daddy of awkward late-night interviews. Crispin Glover appeared on Lettermans show ostensibly to promote his film Rivers Edge, but instead showed up in character from one of his other movies, Rubin & Ed. Sporting long hair, striped pants, glasses and a halting, harried speech pattern guaranteed to induce cringes, Glover delivered a bit of befuddling performance art that was punctuated with a violent flourish, as Glover threw a kick in the direction of Lettermans head.
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But we've all interrupted awards show speeches. Jason DeCrow / external link AP Okay, so we're usually interrupting at home, from the couch. Maybe ordering takeout in our sweatpants from the local Thai food joint. But still. If Kanye had attended the Emmys this year, he might have talked over Jeff Daniels' acceptance speech which is exactly what I, er, we, did.
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