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Genres: Progressive / Metal

Location: San Diego, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Scott McNair (vocals), Jesse Squire (bass), Rajan Homes(drums), Jeremy Macedo (guitar)

Metatonic, a native San Diegan group, began as a jam band with Jesse and Jeremy meeting each other through a mutual drummer friend in June 2007. The band was going nowhere, and nothing happened for a long while. Jeremy soon found out that his drummer cousin Rajan was finishing his first year at UT, and was coming back home. This is where the band truly began. Jeremy called Jesse, and they headed over to Rajan's lair. As soon as the three began playing, magic immediately ensued. They started a musical writing train that could not be stopped. But something was missing. After recording track after track, the three thought: "Shit, we need a vocalist". It was after this realization that a mad rush to find one followed. They found a young man by the name of Scott McNair, from the distant land of Vista. His first audition was pure wickedness, and the band was complete. Jesse, Rajan, Scott and Jeremy continued the journey to finish an album, a task pursued to this very day. They vowed to reach their goal, no matter what it took. This is the story of Metatonic thus far, and is one to be continued...

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