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Mechanized Warfare


Genres: Industrial / Rock / Electronic

Location: Columbus, OH

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4 tracks

Members: Aaron

For whatever reason, this page seems to be getting a lot of inactive views, remember this project is Industrial/Rock/Aggrotech/Metal!!! So if underground sounds are not your thing, go back to listening to your katy perry/justin beiber music... thanks!
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Started in late March of 2005 as the solo project of Aaron Henderson, who was also involved with a few different bands at the time, Mechanized Warfare was originally nothing more than a distorted-effects bass played alongside a drum machine. The originality of this idea at the time was initially well-received in the local musical community, and this gave the project it's one and only live show in May of 2006. The live show falling place about a month after finishing the production of the 6 song "Endless Night EP" demo CD. Shortly after, there was a hiatus from the project lasting about 2 years due to a full schedule consisting of a full-time job. The sound of the project soon evolved to include guitar and vocals. The songs "The Turning", "Into The Dark", and "Eternity of Hatred" were produced in 2008 with the new sound. Since then, a proper electronic beat, and electronic sounds had been mixed into the way the project produced music. Mechanized Warfare is mainly influenced by those artists/musicians in the Industrial/Aggrotech and Rock genres. A harshly dark noisy electronic sound as well as the occasional accompaning electric guitarwork and distorted vocals give the project the unique sound it currently has.

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