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Listen to the sound of NORTH!!!


Genres: Rock / Indie / Ambient

Location: Tuguegarao City, Philippines

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Members: Ronz Gumabao ( Vocals/Guitars), Jhay Rodriguez (Guitars), Rowee Lagazo (Bassist) and Kristian Concepcion ( Drummer )

Mirabile Dictu is a rock/experimental/make-a-move band from the hottest city (Tuguegarao City) of northern Philippines that shares a balance of sound of rock and mellow. From swooshing effects to heavy distortions, it is a different twist of a new age rock.

In December 2009, Ronz Gumabao once wrote a song that speaks about chasing dreams called Liwanag during her college days in a Pharmacy School. She tried to record an acoustic version of the song, and recorded it, from layers of guitar 1, guitar 2 to bass and vocals. Well, it went out pretty good. But as soon as she thought that she could not do it all herself, she gave it a shot of forming a band. Together with Jap Sia (vocalist), Mitch Casaman ( bassist ) who were then her classmate s in a Pharmacy school, Jhay Rodriguez (Guitars) her boyfriend , Ronz Gumabao (Lead Guitarist) and Herbert Abobang as the drummer. A massive deliberation of their name flared up until they resorted to MIRABILE DICTU. A latin word that means wonderful to relate or to tell amazingly.

In July 2010, after finally becoming professionals, some of the band members did not otherwise continue to be a part of the band due to some restraints and other reasons. The endeavor of finding a bassist and a drummer splashed for 2 months or so. One comes in, the other comes out. Ronz Gumabao invited her good friend from High School Toto Santos (bassist) and Loui Concepcion (drummer) of Priority one, Murder of Crows and Demencia. Finishing off their 3 original compositions, Toto Santos decided to later on quit the band for work out in Metro Manila. On the other hand, Jap Sia (vocalist) remained inactive in preparation for a fast approaching board examination. The venture of looking for a stable line up set off in May 2011 at a Demolay party (brotherhood chapter). A new and talented bassist namely Rowi Lagazo who happens to be the colleague of Loui Concepcion hovered in the band. The new line up comes into play of a magnificient ambience of the sound of Mirabile Dictu. From the metal/rock influence of Loui Concepcion (Drummer) to funky/rock/grunge bassline of Rowi Lagazo (Bassist) to Cebu rock/alternative riffs of Jhay Rodriguez (Guitars) to Rock/Pop/Jazz edge of Ronz Gumabao ( Guitars/vocals).

This band shall continue to write and play songs for a purpose. For people to relate with the good sound of the NORTH and tell amazingly how these people can rock xD


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  • the CHUTE said:
    you know what i love about them?it's just that they are really awesome.they've got all the skills that makes a really cool band.and the thing that i love the most is that they are all very humble.:) keep it up guys!i smell success in you.;) Oct 25
  • zuluwashere said:
    nice! Jul 23
  • bayandag said:
    \m/!! Jul 18
  • secretavenger234 said:
    Rock Jul 12
  • Mr.Jhay said:
    wow!!cool ah..nice song..=) Jul 11

Mirabile Dictu

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Tuguegarao City, Philippines


Tuguegarao, Philippines


Tuguegarao City, Philippines

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