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The New Album Savage Skies


Genres: Alternative / Indie / Rock

Location: Escondido, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Lee Saldivar, Rudy Saldivar, Jon Price, Josh Chiericetti

Conceptualized and founded in 2010, Meridian 65 is the brainchild of veteran songwriter and singer Lee Saldivar and bassist Rudy Saldivar, whose absence from the world of music was spawned by the desire to raise their families after a lifetime of music which they "retired" from in 1995. While the details of the ensuing years make for quite a story, the inspiration and motivation that is now Meridian 65 came unexpectedly, and against all odds.

Once noted for creating slickly-produced Urban Rock, the brothers decided to follow the path that seemed to be laid out before them after everything else collapsed, and just as surprisingly, the music came, in torrents. Building something through all the uncertainty that had built up in the recent past, they'd always known what their true calling was, but coming back to it would be a long, difficult process, and took it day by day.

An invitation by an old friend to start a cover act for local club work in early 2010 served to get their stage chops back, and the grind would either bolster their return, or forever mark the end of their musical endeavors - and while the initial members of that act weren't interested in transforming into a professional recording act, they did come out with a drummer in Jon Price, an experienced musician who had hoped to find a situation with promise, and helped to inspire moving forward.

Last to join up after four others had failed was guitarist Josh Chiericetti, a mechanical engineering major who was a shoe-in for the style, and curious enough to go all-in. Although the youngest by nearly twenty years, Josh's flexibility found a home with the band - whose music spans a large cross-section of styles under the Pop/Rock genre.

While the members are all very diverse in their musical tastes, it is Lee's affinity for his childhood musical heroes such as Elton John, Billy Joel, Paul MacCartney, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel and Supertramp that cut through on this album. As the primary writer, producer and singer on Savage Skies, he hadn't intended to record a conceptual album, but when you ask for a little help from above, this is what can happen.

Under their own label Area 5 Records, the group fully intends to build on the platform they've created and have worked hard to polish thier live performances in small clubs in the San Diego area and have committed to working as much, and as hard as necessary to promote Savage Skies through the next year while prepping for shows and recording their next album.