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What Is Lyoness?

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Now the world is full of discount discount and clubs websites, especially since the economy took a downturn and online companies like Groupon emerged.
Lyoness Australia

In Europe though, there has been a cash back community growing since 2003 which has, up to recently, been a 'dark horse' outside of mainland Europe.

Lyoness Australia scam

So, who and what is Lyoness?

Based on the official Lyoness website FAQ section:

"Lyoness is surely an international sector spanning shopping community as well as a Loyalty Program for international retailers."

Since sounds somewhat like lawyer speak, so here you go in plain English, from me:

Lyoness is definitely an global shopping community, offering cash back for your shoppers, along with a unique loyalty program for retailers.

Even simpler:

Lyoness is really a shopping community that benefits everybody involved, both shoppers and retailers

Lyoness rewards its shoppers in 2 ways. To begin with with cash back, and secondly by rewarding them whenever they recommend Lyoness to others.

The attraction for telling others is you get a percentage of all of the shopping they ever do through Lyoness, and seeing as you can buy everything from Heinz Baked Beans and coke, to petrol (gas should you be reading in the united states), book holidays, as well as visit a restaurant, that can add up.

How will you shop with Lyoness:

• Lyoness Cashback Card

• Mobile Gift Certificates (Mobile Cashback)

• Original Gift Certificates

• Online Shopping

Do you know the benefits associated with Lyoness to retailers and merchants?

1) It brings more customers, those already from your Lyoness shopping community

By handing out Lyoness membership, 2) It brings customer loyaltys

3) It may create a second income

In addition to the shoppers and also the retailers there exists a third group that benefits from Lyoness as "every purchase helps the Child & Family Foundation" and as of autumn 2012 Lyoness has launched the Greenfinity Foundation to support education and implementation of climate protection projects worldwide

Up to now there have been 24 Child & Family Foundation projects worldwide, one of many current ones is in South Africa with Nelson Mandela.

That is why with Lyoness it can save you money, generate income and make a move good.

Now you might have noticed my little name dropping there with Nelson Mandela.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of the credibility of Lyoness, but you deserve more.

Lyoness sought ISO 9001 certification from TÜV Rheinland, and was passed.

Now, much like me, you might never had heard of TÜV Rheinland before.

The TÜV Rheinland Group is a leading provider of technical services worldwide. They look at the quality, and aprove parts for companies like Dell, NASA, Mercedes and Porsche this list goes on,. That's what this means, amongst other things. There remti is always to assure quality and safety.

They also take a look at accounting processes and sales process - like that provided by Lyoness.

TUV was Founded in 1872 as well as the Group currently employs 16.000 people in 500 locations in 65 countries. It generates annual revenues of € 1.417 billion.

TÜV Rheinland mainly cope with parts and components for businesses like Porsche, Mercedes, Dell and NASA, they also examine systems like Lyoness to.

If Nelson Mandela and TÜV Rheinland is not enough endorsement, how about Harrods - the world's most prestigious store, or at best the UK's any way. Only after it's brand protection unit of 27 lawyers and accountants OK'd it, although harrods has joined the Lyoness loyalty partner scheme!

There exists ONE BIG WARNING I would provide you with about Lyoness though, and that is tend not to sign up along with them via their internet site. The reason being that if you have questions the support team always let you know to talk to your sponsor. You may get stuck in the event you don't use a sponsor. So why do Lyoness not have an effective help desk? Basically it really is to keep running costs as low as possible, to enable them to shell out to its members whenever possible. So Lyoness relies on its members fully educating new members as to how to use the system, especially in countries where it is merely developing like the UK and USA.


Posted Jun 17, 2014 at 9:07am