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Luke Conard Abuse Scandal apology


In August of 2011, Luke released his first solo album, 301 Views . He is also working in the bands ALL CAPS with Kristina Horner , Ministry of Magic (a wizard rock band), and also the Oceanic Six (together with Alex Carpenter and Jason Munday )


From Iowa, born and raised. Born 1981.


Luke Conard and Kristina Horner met in 2007 when Luke asked Kristina's wizard rock band (The Parselmouths) to sing around the track Snape vs. Snape (by Ministry of Magic) with him. Luke started officially dating Kristina in December of 2009, but in early August of 2011 she confirmed on her Ask Kristina tumblr that they had broken up a little while back (see post here ). Luke Conard Abuse Scandal apology

Luke made the announcement on January2012 and 3, via his Twitter (see tweet here ), that he and Ingrid Nilsen - a Youtube beauty guru - are officially dating, after about 7 months of any rumored relationship. He also announced in his vlog that day (see video here ) that they had not been offically dating until that time. In June 2013 they announced (via Twitter) they had officially split up, yet they remained friends.


Posted Dec 06, 2014 at 1:01am