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Genres: Rock / Acoustic

Location: Pensacola, FL

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4 tracks

Members: AJ - OZ - WEAVE - MICHAEL


Lugosi is an American rock band formed in Pensacola, FL, the 7th of July, 2011. Rising from the ashes of a sunbaked environment, Oz, the band's founding member, pulled together the most ambitious rock 'n roll vamps to create a juggernaut to be reckoned with. AJ, Oz, Weave and Michael have become willing slaves to the beckoning monster called Lugosi. This is a band that blends the difficult with the obscure, the sexy with the hard core, the metal with the soul and a whole lot of balls. If you want to listen to the same old "stepped on a pop top blew out my flip flop" style of entertainment then this is not the band for you. If you want an arena feeling show and have a need to get your ass rocked, we give you Lugosi!


Led by former Queensryche "American Soldier", this beast from the east is the live wire that spearheads Lugosi. The infectious compatibility between my bandmates and myself are apparent through our motivational music. I feed off their onslaught and proceed to embrace anything that crosses my path. Emotionally driven, AJ's heart and soul set the standard as a conscientious showman. I live for the crowd; we together are active participants in this beautiful assembly of sound. I consider our band to be "the peoples champ". After all, the people are what it's all about. I'm so proud they allow us to be a representative of their culture and spirit. We will NOT let them down.

CHRIS 'Dragon' OSBOURNE: Guitar
Chris Osbourne is the blazing guitarist of Lugosi. Nicknamed Oz, he is a man of many hats, playing just about any lick on his beloved instrument. Heavily influenced by the likes of Randy Rhodes and Edward Van Halen, Oz's ability to play is flawless. His 'can do' attitude makes him a comfortable band mate and a crowd favorite. Oz brings a flood of power and color to the already high octane level present in the band. His ability to enhance the bands groove and play outside the box is infectious.

CHRIS 'Weave' WEAVER: Bass Guitar
A guitar riff master turned bassist, Weave's earth rattling chops are reminiscent of an old school, Godzilla horror movie introduction. Coming from a thrash and doom influence, Weave rocks a steady pocket and just knocks out tasteful low end grooves throughout Lugosi's material. Chris Weaver brings the thunder to a melodically-aggressive line-up and his impact on the unit is without a doubt unmistakable. Weave knew he wanted to play music the moment he heard Metallica's 'Master of Puppets'.

Drums really came alive for Michael when he saw Eric Carr in 1984 on the Animalize Tour. I was hooked on KISS and Eric's playing (RIP). Through his influences, Michael grasped the ability to push the music while also letting it "breathe". I'd like to think my band has something different to offer, musically and emotionally. Lugosi has live shows with alot of energy, along with songs you won't be able to get out of your head after you hear us play them. I like being in the studio, but love performing live music with these guys. My kits, through the years, have definitely been designed for a visual effect, because when I'm able to stare out at all of those people during a show, it makes me feel alive with appreciation. If Lugosi can get the crowd singing and into the groove of a song on top of being visually entertaining, then we've done our best! Always strive...



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Pensacola, FL

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