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Lucifuge Rofocale

© "LR" - Release Album "Demonic Transfixion"


Genres: Metal / Death Metal / Death Metal

Location: Nicaragua

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4 tracks

Members: Sarth Norgaath [Guitars, Vocals], Lord Berith [Bass], Blandon Cristh [Drums]

Lucifuge Rofocale, is a Black Metal band, founded in the year of 2004 in the city of Leon [Nicaragua] by the guitarist and vocals, Sarth Norgaath Santeliz and the drummer Eligor Siniestrous. This Band arose from the ashes of a Black Metal Band called Demogorgon in the year of 2002.

The Thematic of their songs, are mostly focused on War and its attitude against life and religion [Being Anti-Gods].
Its name comes from the devil "Lucifago Rofacale" [also known as Lucífago of Rafaquele].

They have participated in several music compilations, as well as guest band to open concerts of recognized bands like Averse Sefira, Nargaroth, Marduk and others in C.A

* Members
Sarth Norgaath Santeliz - Guitars, Vocals [2004-present]
Lord Baal Zebuth - Drums [2011-present]
Lord Berith Satanail - Bass [2006-present]