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T+ Natural Testosterone Booster Research

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The age-associated decline in male testosterone is marked by non-specific characteristics that may affect quality of life and life expectancy. Modifications in body composition, decreased libido, changes in mood, and thinning hair are possible indicators of declining testosterone production. Prescription testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can help alleviate these changes, however these medications can instruct using a host of side effects that range between wide mood swings, to accidental transmission to nearby individuals. An easy and more effective strategy is to improve the body�s natural testosterone production through dietary compounds known to affect key stages in testosterone synthesis. The T-Plus formulation utilizes natural compounds that have been shown to both enhance the biochemical synthesis of testosterone and eliminate a few of the common side effects of testosterone supplements.

Testosterone production starts off with the brain. Muncuna pruriens is shown to assist the body elevate testosterone by helping the production of the neurotransmitter, dopamine. As well as regulating mood and libido, dopamine plays a key role in hormone synthesis. In a study of males with fertility problems, Mucunca pruriens supplementation improved reproductive health and significantly elevated dopamine and testosterone production.What is low t?

The Malaysian adaptogen, Eurycoma Longifolia (Long Jack), is an additional herbal aphrodisiac traditionally used to increase energy and vitality. The roots of E. Longfolia have a number of bioactive polypeptides which help the body boost the synthesis of various androgens produced by the testes. A report of older males consuming E. Longifolia showed a 46.8% average increase in testosterone after one month. This boost in testosterone may are the cause of the for other significant benefits of Eurycoma Longifolia, including increased bone thickness, fertility, as well as standard of living outcomes in a double blinded study.

Lastly, magnesium is a vital dietary mineral for brain and bone health insurance has been shown to increase testosterone in competitive athletes. T-Plus utilizes magnesium bonded to Aspartic Acid, creating a newly developed natural compound.

Once synthesized, free testosterone is released to the blood stream to reach its biological targets. However, free testosterone is easily bound and inactivated by way of a circulating high-affinity carrier protein, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). Stinging nettle root helps the body contend with the binding of SHBG, allowing a higher proportion of testosterone to keep within the active, unbound form[source, source]. A combination of Eurycoma Longifolia and nettle root boosts the probability of increased free testosterone reaching its biological target.

Testosterone exerts its effects on some targets, such as the brain and bones, by activating estrogen receptors on cell surfaces. Excessive conversion of testosterone to a different sex hormone, estradiol, can cause undesirable feminizing characteristics, thinning hair, and occasional libido. The T-Plus formula was created to mitigate these unwanted effects by helping the body inhibit the conversion to estradiol and blocking estrogen receptors. Red Clover isoflavones and luteoline help suppress aromatase, the important thing enzyme that converts testosterone to estradiol [source, source]. Furthermore, the potent anti-oxidant resveratrol has been demonstrated to exert anti-estrogenic activity by antagonizing a subset of estrogen receptors[source, source]. These three compounds together help alleviate problems with the unwanted effects that may occur from elevated testosterone production.
Build and Recover Low Testosterone

Testosterone can help our bodies stimulate lean muscle and increase bone thickness, especially when coupled with moderate to intense exercise. T-Plus offers the muse to enhance exercise performance and speed up recovery. Beta-alanine can attenuate fatigue by helping the intramuscular buffering capacity during high intensity exercise source]. T-Plus also includes 750 mg of Branched Chain Proteins (BCAAs), an essential dietary aspect of reducing muscle soreness.

T-Plus combines natural testosterone boosting ingredients with estrogen blocking compounds so that you can increase endogenous testosterone production. These compounds are already tested in endurance competitors, weight lifters, as well as combat athletes. In addition to the numerous advantages of increased testosterone, T-Plus includes the amino acids directly associated with recovery and synthesis of latest muscle tissues. For the best results, include T-Plus included in a pre-workout nutritional regiment.
*The above ingredient studies built to provide a framework to produce an informed decision on how T+ could be effective for you personally. Everyone's natural hormone composition differs, and no results should be considered 'typical' or 'expected'.


Posted Oct 30, 2013 at 5:58am