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Lord Dark Da Calboy


Genres: Rap / Country

Location: Groveville, NJ

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4 tracks

He was born and raised in Trenton, NJ. He is also known as Lord Dark da Cal-Boy because he dresses like a cowboy. The reason he spells Cal-Boy this way is because Cal is the abbreviation for Caliber. So being an MC, he feels he is of a higher caliber then the average MC. The hyphen between Cal and Boy separates him from the average because they are boys and he is a man. His current genre of music is Hip-Hop, Crunk & House.

He dreams of reaching out for an opportunity to display his talent & build a career in music. He dedicates most of his spare time to owning his own label, I of the Storm District. At the present time he produces, markets, promotes and engineer his own music. Above all things, he loves to perform on stage. He feeds from the energy in the crowd. At this present time, he is promoting & selling his current mixtape “I’m Not Destined To Blow, Vol. 1 Gold”, which is his 2nd solo mixtape featuring other local artists. He uses many different venues and sites on the internet to promote his music.

Cal-boy always had a love for music but when he got in high school he decided that he wanted to make a career out of it. He worked with a small promotion company out of Sandersville, GA called K-Rock Productions. At K-Rock Productions he mostly performed at talent shows & promoted parties with performances. He moved back to Trenton, NJ & continued his quest for stardom by learning to write, produce & engineering his own music. He released his 1st solo mixtape & put on his 1st concert which was a success. Since then, he has been pounding the pavement promoting online & around town getting the word out about his music. During this process, he has released 6 more mixtapes with various groups. He has a strong buzz in his local community & everyone supports him enthusiastically. The local bars & disc jockeys in his neighborhood also help support him by playing his music. He likes the local scene & enjoys everyone’s support but he strives for a more rewarding career.

Five years from now, he sees himself owning his own record label & making investments in real estate, night clubs & restaurants. He also wants to be a philanthropist so he could help underprivileged kids to better themselves, who grew up in a struggle like he did. Overall, he wants to help others strive to get to where he wants to be.