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LorD and Master

Rejoice: ones and zeros never sounded so good.


Genres: Electronic / Club

Location: Hastings, United Kingdom

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Members: Daniel Bailey-Graham

Daniel Bailey-Graham, known also as LorD and Master, has played keyboards since the age of four and has developed a keen sense of chords and melody. Taking inspiration from the music he grew up with, he writes and produces electronic, synth-based pop and dance songs, often writing from fictional points of view, which help to illustrate his shadowy and somewhat mysterious personality, being as he always appears behind a long-beaked plague doctor mask.

To LorD and Master, the music, lyrics, production, mixing and design are all-important; and who performs it is secondary, separating himself from the potential trappings of identity that can cloud the music itself.

The first seven LorD and Master albums are available, along with LorD and Master remixes of talented New York popster Killian Wells track, VIP. SilverSpirit remixes of New York electroclash duo Dangerous Muse are also produced by LorD and Master and the latest Shakespears Sister EP also features a LorD and Master remix and of course, I supplied my lyrics and vocals for the marvellous GX's track, Walk Away, as well as Paarse Paraplu's Live to regret



Outside - EP

Dec 30, 2013


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Jan 23, 2012

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