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Loomis & the Lust

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Genres: Rock / Pop / Indie

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Stats: 1,039 fans / 68,459 plays / 84 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Will Loomis, Mike Dapra, Noah Babcock, Anthony Sonetti


Embracing classic pop hooks, throwing in a bit of soul, Brit pop and California sunshine, Loomis & the Lust has created a top notch pop rock sound that swirls with a light-hearted, fun-time attitude that conjures up visions of palm trees and good times. After releasing a batch of clever, catchy songs in their first EP last year, Loomis and the Lust quickly started making waves, being named one of the "Top 25 New Bands in the Word" by MTV Iggy, winning an MTVU "Freshman" video award, appearing in an online ad campaign for Subway. All their songs are danceable and contain so much energy that if you don't move a body part while listening, you most likely don't have a pulse.
"I'll put it to you this way, within about thirty seconds you'll be reeled in and singing into a hairbrush", wrote one reviewer about the band's single "Bright Red Chords". They have been described as taking the best parts of rock & roll from the past, adding a little funk, a little Cali surf and molded it into something modern that still captures that same feeling as listening to Beatles or the Rolling Stones for the first time.
The band is currently writing a popular blog for MTV Iggy. They live in a house that doubles as their studio in Santa Barbara, writing new songs constantly when not on tour. Most recently their tenacity paid off to the tune of a $25,000 prize via OurStage.com and the New Music Seminar, winning the coveted title of "Artist on the Verge". Critics praise the band's "top shelf music that should make the band a household name" in the near future. "Loomis and the Lust obviously perceives- and possesses - the recipe for colossal success."


  • toyah pryor said:
    i know right May 11
  • M+E+N+D said:
    Bright Red Chords is awesome Dec 06
  • (audri) said:
    Love your music!!! Feb 01
  • Emmalyse said:
    You guys are great! I am in love with your music and have told all my friends to come visit your page. Keep up the amazing music and know you have the support of fans! Dec 14
  • Ryan From Vendetta Skies said:
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  • nueli said:
    People, GO ------> My Banda. Very Good! http://www.purevolume.com/dropplay Aug 28
  • Febri said:
    oh my god, you guys have a great music! awesome! Aug 27
  • Stefanie Loraine said:
    Thought I would come back to hear Bright red chords, and found the new A.D.D track, Great song!!! Aug 27
  • Hailey Green said:
    I agree, Cute band + Good music, Makes videos I want to watch :) again..and again... and again.. lol :) Luv H Aug 26
  • s[he] be[lie]ve[d] said:
    sounds good Aug 25
  • Kyle Levinsohn said:
    goo check out www.purevolume.com/theridedown Aug 24
  • *BeautifullyBroken said:
    good music + cute band = what I Aug 24
  • Zach said:
    So ADD is pretty much the funniest thing ive ever heard... Aug 23
  • willshellz said:
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