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Long Island Environmentally Friendly Camping

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When you go Long Island camping you are accountable for more than simply your loved ones and also the persons you’re with. When you are camping, it’s not only your tent or perhaps your RV or maybe your sleeping cot that you have to care for.Long Island Camping

What most people don’t realize is that when they go camping, they are also responsible for taking care of the environment and making sure they do not do anything that is harmful to Long Island’s nature. Long Island Environmentally Friendly Camping

Something you ought to remember when going camping is to dump your trash properly. Never leave any trash behind or worse throw them in lakes or streams. Instead you should always have trash bags ready and take them with you when you leave the campsite. It’s even better if you segregate your garbage and placing biodegradable and non biodegradable trash in different containers. Make sure you dump these trash bags properly.

Second, respect the creatures and also the wildlife that reside within the forest or park you’re camping in. It’s their property and you also shouldn’t do anything whatsoever that may disturb or harm them. Hunting is an activity largely criticized by environmentalists. People who take pleasure from hurting animals and seeing them cry in pain do not possess respect for Nature. You can find nature friendly activities you can take part in when you need to marvel at these creatures like bird watching.

Third, don’t follow tips which can be harmful to nature like the hairspray tip which encourages you to employ a hairspray to have rid off insects. Hairspray contains substances that are contributory to the depletion of the ozone layer as well as climate change. If you want to protect yourself from ticks and mosquitoes, just apply insect repellent lotion on your skin. When utilizing soap, choose people who are biodegradable. Also go for paper bags instead of plastic bags. But when you can’t avoid using plastic bags, make sure that you recycle them.

Fourth, never leave a mark behind. Leave the campsite the actual way it is. Nix any ideas of your son to carve out his initials on the trees. Discourage your friend from vandalizing around the large rock and writing, “Joe was here”.

Also, never leave a campfire attended because this is dangerous and may start a fire in the campsite.

Fifth, it really is a great idea to make use of environmental friendly camping equipment. For many years, many human practices and equipment have caused for the deterioration in the environment. That’s why when you go camping it is actually vital that you choose camping gears like Coleman heaters which are safe for the environment. The Coleman BlackCat Catalytic heater for example runs using clean-burning propane that is earth friendly.

Always be concerned with the surroundings in whatever activity you’re doing, whether it’s camping or any other activity. Remember, there’s no place like Long Island so we should do everything to take care of our Mother Earth and our precious water giving aquifer.




Posted Jun 03, 2014 at 6:55am