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Genres: Alternative / Progressive

Location: Durban, South Africa

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Logos (word for "Word" in Greek) is an alternate/progressive band of students, fresh out of Durban, South Africa.

Durban is a beach City on the coast of South Africa known for its laid back, relaxed atmosphere and its pop/rock driven music scene. One wouldn't expect anything too serious to come out of this city...

But Logos means business!

With influences that range from Michael Jackson, James Horner and Loius Armstrong to Mew, Circa Survive and As Cities Burn, Logos is something to tune into to. Yet the band claim that their greatest influence is "Creation and the One Who made it".

With music that is unpredictable, using a hint of everything, it can be hard, even for first time listeners, to tear their ears away.

Catchy hooks, hugely delayed choruses and manic drummming add to the dynamic feeling of something exploding in your face!

Lets face it - its just plain epic.

Having tracked their first single "Four:Sixteen" with much anticipation, Logos claim that they will keep recording for a while before playing their first gig. Their new track "Soldier,Soldier" is set to be in preproduction soon, as well as other songs such as "Atticus" and "Dear Roman".

Having being playlisted on International Internet Radio site woho music, they were voted to the top 10.

Even though new comers to the music scene as a band, each member is a strict musician, with experience behind their names.

"This is not a random project...This has purpose and substance".

Logos write from their hearts and not from their heads so that the end product is a complete and absolute creation. This is evident in their music which is authentic and by no means a commercial sell out.

"Being followers of Jesus Christ, we want to give all the Glory to God... Without Him we wouldnt be anywhere"

"We truly believe in the Love that He is and Love all and anyone who will come into our path."

"We love you, and no matter what you do we will love you."

"We hope that that comes out in our music, we don't care where you come from, what religion you are, what you think about our beliefs... we love you. Thats it. "

Be expectant of something huge from Logos.


  • Aditia Pratama said:
    like it...!!! Dec 08
  • Nicco said:
    more!=) keep it up! Jun 07
  • isaac.f said:
    make some more music.. keepitup! Apr 17
  • /biigal! said:
    yew guys are veryy gewd ! i'm liken the lyrics too, very deep. :) Apr 13
  • HannahCarroll said:
    :) Mar 28
  • Thegreatspencer said:
    eh. vocals could use a bit of a tune-up and the music itself isn't anything new/unique sounding. lyrics sorta fall flat, you don't emphasize anything enough. Your not bad, but your not holyshit good. Mar 23
  • ashlin :) said:
    more! more! =] i like you all =] Mar 12
  • kidnapTHEkidnapper said:
    =D i like it its awesome!!!!! Mar 05
  • Linda said:
    hey your pretty good:] i like it Mar 04
  • Sheepslaughter said:
    Pretty good dudes, I give you props for the song. Mar 02
  • Rachel And Jess :) said:
    ur pretty good but u need more songs lol :D Feb 26
  • Kit said:
    very nice and mellow. thanks for the cool sound. Feb 25
  • biel said:
    more songs \o Feb 25
  • olivia< 3's you said:
    unique voice, good sound, and i love your description. :) i'm exicted to hear more from you guys! Feb 25
  • SophieStarr said:
    u guys r great =] Feb 08


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