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Genres: Industrial / Pop Punk

Location: London, United Kingdom

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The Band:
Livan is a UK Band led by the homonymous front man Livan. The Band has remained prety consistant since its early stages of development. Guitarist Will Crewdson(of influential UK rockers Rachel Stamp,Adam Ant Malcolm McLaren and Johnette Napolitano), drummer Damon Wilson (Ray Davies,Joss Stone, Feeder).Damon has been the recording drummer for Livan for four records in a row and currently for the first time the live drummer. Bass player David Ryder Prangley a musician best known for his work with the glam punk band Rachel Stamp and as a bass player for Adam Ant. Finally John Robertson as a song writer and guitar player with numerous writing and production credits to his name: Grace Jones, Sky Edwards (ex Morcheeba), plays rhythm guitar and is the co-writer together with Livan. Saying that.. Will Crewdson’s unique signature playing & sound has had its own strong point on the previous Livan release “Off the Grid” and even more so on the forthcoming new album Beggars & Believers.

The Sound:
Livan’s sound derive from very contradictive angles. The Clash, New Model Army,The Damned Bauhaus ,Bowie, Stranglers and the Pogues to Devo,Duran Duran Depeche Mode, and even much heavier outfits such as Marylin Manson. Livan has toured with Peter Murphy, Aerosmith, Alice Copper, and cites Lord Byron as his favorite wordsmith. His upcoming release is a cohesive, ten-song Album of dark yet manically energetic electro/Goth rock. Influenced highly by Byron Poetry and the current global sentiment.

The Live Show:
LIVAN’s commanding stage presence and Stage gags combined with a deafeningly loud live set and the provocative musicality of songs like the Nosferatu-meets-Type O Negative approach all begin to make sence when you experience the show. The roughly decadent appeal, dark sexuality and edgy intellect earning Livan fans of all ages and persuasions.




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