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Lisa Scherma


Genres: Acoustic / Blues / Country

Location: Staten Island, NY

Stats: 0 fans / 315 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

The Band:

A while back I had a band called The Lisa Scherma Band. It consisted of myself and 3 wonderful accomplished musicians/friends. We had a great time playing together, but unfortunately, for various reasons, the band no longer exists. I'm happy to say that we all still are friends and once in a while, I get to play with one or two of them at impromptu gigs.

I now play solo and am very much enjoying it. I don't have any of the usual problems one has when trying to arrange rehearsals with a band. I am always available to rehearse whenever I ask myself (heehee).

This does not mean I wouldn't be open to a band experience again....

The songs I've put up on purevolume are recordings made from band rehearsals and gigs. Only the first four on on the playlist, but you can see and hear the rest by clicking on the album (to the right).

I Got A Feelin':
Basic blues song I wrote one day...pretty quickly I might add. Another one of those...

You Don't Know Why:
I love this song. I also love how Johnny enhanced it with his magnificent guitar skills.

Want and Need:
Cool blues song about empowering women.

Love Me Just A Little:
I wrote this one soon after borrowing an electric guitar from a friend. I wrote two songs almost immediately. Being that inspirationally, the electric guitar is very different, so are the two songs I wrote. Love Me Just A Little is one of them.

Blue in the Afternoon:
I wrote this one a while back while fiddling around with the guitar. This in one of the songs that came really quickly. Meaning, I didn't spend much time writing it. Sometimes it happens that way...

Thank You:
I love this song. Its just a nice, slow blues song. I love singing it. There are a couple of nice low notes in it, and for some reason, they make me happy....
Of course, the sarcasm is pretty cool too.

Feelin' Good Tonight:
When I wrote this one, the only inspiration I had was to write something fun to play and perform. I think I accomplished that.

Down Below:
Cool blues song about how sometimes we are drawn to the wrong person.

And for the covers:
Light My Fire: I really love myspin on this song. Its alot of fun to play and sing.

Harder to Breathe: I love this one because its really not what I usually do.

Soulshine: One of Warren Haynes' best songs. I did this one with a very talented guitarist, John Tachine (he used to play with the guys in my band).



The Lisa Scherma Collection

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