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Maintaining your remote controlled wonders for their longevity

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If you are an ardent enthusiast of the remote-controlled toys, and also own quite a few of them, then you must jolly well know the importance of keeping those remotely controlled wonders clean. When it comes to playing with the remote controlled toys, then avoiding getting dirt, mud and also hurt is impossible. And not the monster truck which picks up from the asphalt when on-road, but even the remote controlled cars, construction vehicles, airplanes, droids, drones, choppers and what not? Each of these varieties of toys has the possibility of picking up dirt from anywhere they fly or tread. If you leave your remote controlled toys without cleaning them for a long term, then friend, you are committing a grave mistake. As the owner of a remote controlled toy, you can expect to spend a good amount of time after the process of cleaning those toys. It is advisable that you set up a routine for the cleaning spree. This will not only make the entire cleaning process faster, but it will also ensure you that the life f the remote controlled toys are given a boost. In this article below, you will come across answers to each and every question that you have on the subject of maintaining your remote controlled devices for their longevity, for example how to clean the rc toys, taking good care of them, maintaining and cleaning the chassis, components, and tires. This article will also cover the tricks of protecting the remote controlled machines from a large amount of dirt.

Create a cleaning solution on your own

You will find lots of cleaning products for your pricey devices in the market. Some of them are extremely affordable, while some others are really expensive. The solution is made for each and every remote controlled model of each and every type, even the top race cars. The Top Race racing machines are extremely precious with the owners and many of them, to restore the devices' glory every time while cleaning, prefer to create their solution of cleaning liquid. This is a very good practice, which will showcase your love and interest for your beloved rc models. The most foolproof solution of a cleaning spray can be made by blending regular bleach-free cleaner, Denatured Alcohol in two parts and also a splash of the WD40. Mix everything together and then shake them in a dry bottle. When the solution gets ready, pour it into a spraying bottle.

How to use the spray

When you are sitting with your devices to clean them, then it is extremely important to ensure the point of removing the batteries before getting started. Spray the solution carefully on the dirty part and but ensure that the spray does not reach the internal electronic part; otherwise, it can get badly damaged. When the accumulated dirt gets cleaned, your devices will look speck-free clean, like that of a brand new one.

The crucial tools to be implemented


There is no need of getting hold of a tool to clean your devices properly. But if you want to ensure a hundred percent cleaning protection, then you can get hold of some small delicate tools and create a kit for cleaning out of them. The kit can comprise of paper towels for drying off the moisture on the device’s body, some small rags to wipe the filth off the chassis, a small brush, a spare toothbrush to remove bigger and chunkier dirt like dried mud. The brush can also scrub off the dirt off the gearbox and wheels. Q-tipped cotton buds can also be used to reach the interior corners of the device.


Posted Jun 29, 2017 at 4:44pm