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Lily Sparks

Stars, guitars, and muscle cars!


Genres: Rock / Pop

Location: New York, NY

Stats: 1 fans / 32 plays / 0 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Niamh ("Neev")-vox, KG*-gtrs/vox, Nikki 7- gtrs/vox, Mick-drums

Lily Sparks is a fun, sexy rock band in the vein of Heart and Pink, that delivers pure excitement. Check out their website, come to a show and experience it for yourself!

First timers are never quite sure what to expect when they see a Lily Sparks show but after a few seconds it's pretty clear: They rock. Flanked by glitter guitars that alternate between crunch and wail, the singer's got a set of pipes that can go from fragility to fury in a heartbeat. These girls play hard-rocking, toe-tapping songs that'll make you want to shout and sing along.

"Cooper Cobra is a rocking EP that will turn all of its listeners into Sparklers! Lily Sparks' lead singer Niamh is a powerhouse, whose voice grabs hold of the listeners hears and doesn't let go. The EP is a fun romp of good old-fashioned rock and roll, with nothing to mask the things that make it great. It's got wailing guitars, it's got a vocalist that you can't stop listening too, but most importantly it's got songs that really stick with you. It's fun music, pure and simple." - Andrea Guy

"From the very first guitar riff on Cooper Cobra, the listener quickly realizes this isn't your typical debut EP. Full of energy, Lily Sparks' lead vocalist Niamh has a certain rocker quality that peaks interest. Accompanied by Nikki 7 and KG* on guitars and vocals and Mick Fumento on drums, the sound rounds out well and the five-song release leaves the listener begging for more. While Lily Sparks have been compared to Siouxsie and the Banshees, the band's talent and versatility is undeniable. Blending 80s rock and killer guitar interludes for a truly unique experience, Lily Sparks is one band to watch." -Annie Reuter

"Cooper Cobra by Lily Sparks is proof positive that classic rock albums are still being made and that it doesn't take years to mature into a classic. When you have it, you have it -and Lily Sparks has it!" -Zack Daggy



Cooper Cobra

Jan 01, 2010