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Legal Shield Review

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Formally known as Pre-Paid Legal, Legal Shield is really a company that provides to get a small fee every month a service that can supply you with legal representation in case you are caught in almost any legal difficulties which are covered under their contract. You will find hundreds of lawyers whose services are a part of this business and you can access them for a fraction of their normal costs in case you need their services.

Legal Shield review

Legal Shield is also a approach to building wealth also. To get a once fee, you receive each of the materials required to understand their services and go out and recruit new members for their team. This is a standard home-based business model which has been available for almost 40 years, well prior to the internet became popular.

Founded by Harland Stonceipher in 1972, this multi-level marketing company offers their services in every 50 states and even has stock on the Ny Stock Exchange. The advantages of their legal services includes coverage for motor vehicles, trial defense, audits through the IRS, and reduced costs of utilizing other legal services so long as you pick a lawyer that is part of the company.

Legal Shield scam

This can be a credible company with a long history, especially when compared with most of the other profitable industries that populate the net. For those who only seek to make use of the legal services, a little monthly fee is all that is needed. Almost 1.5 million people in the Usa and Canada use their services.

Overall their reputation in delivering legal services so when a potential home based money making system remains intact, although the simple truth is that the company has encounter some legal trouble, hence the current changing of the name from Pre-Paid Legal.

This is actually the standard MLM or multi level marketing model, with regards to wealth building aspect of the company. For any once fee you obtain a packet of marketing tips and training and acquire a commission off of the fees of members that you recruit. The more members you can sign up, the higher your wealth can grow.

Legal Shield is actually a well known company with a good reputation inspite of the aforementioned legal difficulties. That is the plus side. The cash that may be made is real and a skilled marketer inside the MLM process can build a great amount of wealth if they are persistent over an extended period of time. Consistent work will pay off, though you can find no overnight successes in MLM.


Posted Jun 17, 2014 at 11:49am