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Lavonne VonSchron


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Indie

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Stats: 2 fans / 680 plays / 6 plays today






Members: Nate, Kevin, Wil, Gerrit, and sometimes Dan

The new recordings were delayed extensively...again and again, but here we have the first of the new songs to be available, "Logic." I'll put no time schedule on the others, they'll be finished when we get a chance to complete them.

About us....
We are a band featuring a variety of styles and musical influences - we play what we like, and we like a lot of stuff. Here you can check out some of our early catalog. Hopefully some new songs will be available eventually. Purevolume only allows three songs at a time so we may be rotating which ones are available so check back whenever you're extremely bored.




No release date

Logic Single

No release date