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La Montage

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Genres: Acoustic / Indie

Location: Kihei, HI

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4 tracks

In the Studio September 15th! The new stuff is going to be amazing!
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La Montage:

im just a boy on a little rock in the middle of nowhere.
i love lights. tall buildings. & day dreaming.
talking to jesus. listening.

things to remember:
- have fun, but be safe.
- no regrets, just learn & don't do it again
- don't do drug's
-be friendly, even when nobody else is.
-say or do something nice to at least 1 person a day.
-see as many places in the world that you can afford.
-don't let anyone tell you " you can't "
-never be afraid to believe in what you believe.
-smile. it's healthy.
-sing in the shower.
- laugh. it's healthier than smiling!
- don't drink. no matter what they say. it ain't good for you.
-don't curse. it's not very classy.
-tell your parents you love them. even if they don't.
-cry. it's okay to.
-fall in love with someone.
-give your heart away. if it's forever the right one.
-adopt an orphan.
-feed the homeless
-never gossip. it's a waste of breath
-give your heart to jesus. i did. best decision i ever made.
-listen to La Montage. He's really cool!!
-Be a fan of La Montage!

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