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Genres: Metal / Rock

Location: Puerto Rico

Stats: 2 fans / 12 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Danna Liurova, Saran Vonsander, Joel Griiyo & Mako VonJay


Stories of hope and the human nature. The underlining process of being transformed and reborn free. A second in life when the soul cries in grief. The song of the universe translated in music from the hands of a modernist musical quartet, formed in 2010 by Joel Griiyo.

Kristalida brings a refreshing musical adventure for those who dare to experience the deepest human emotions. With inspiring and touching lyrics as a primordial back bone and luscious arrangements as a shiny aura, Kristalida captivates and mesmerizes. An uplifting guitar crunch provides an addictive drive to a Metal Fusion style that moves along the Symphonic Metal, Progressive and Rock genres.

The stories begin as life itself could bring them. The drums and the bass can sometimes dance under the shine of a brilliant moon. The guitars run in circles and scream wanting to explode. Then a French Horns section summons the madness of strings in a philharmonic peace, ending the story in a metal fusion frenzy.

After writing the music of their album and the release of their debut Maxi Single and Promotional Video, Life or Death, the long waited live performances arrived featuring a show full of energy and dramatic dynamism. Life or Death has been featured as part of the radio program "Mi Rock" at 107.3 FM radio. Kristalida acquired a crowd of followers impressed by the distinctive music and elegant presence.

Life or Death has been broadcasted in FM radio and worldwide in countries like USA, Italy, Poland, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Colombia, Spain, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Peru, Portugal, Hungary, Lithuania, Greece, Argentina, Ukraine, Finland, Romania, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Australia, Sweden, Chile, Jordan, Slovenia, Russia, Denmark and many others.