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Create many content for website with Kontent Machine

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Kontent Machine is often a software tool for Search engine optimisation experts that will scrape for articles online, spin the articles, then bunch the articles in a way to make it unique towards the search engines. I've been using quite sure for the last year to build highly spun unique Tier 1 content with Magic Submitter and Tier 2 content for GSA search engine ranker. First, let me explain it does not matter what type of software that you use, any spun content from scraped sources won't be 100% perfect. In my experience, the search engines do not rank you for a way good the articles read. That's just not possible with the bots - what they're looking for is Uniqueness. That's why Kontent Machine is my head to source for creating content quickly over the likes of other content sources like say Article Builder as well as Wicked Article Creator. The thought behind the software is as soon as you enter your keywords, it's going to go to the web and scrape articles  Kontent Machine from multiple sources, then mesh those articles together, then spin these with your favorite spinner, and product a write-up you can use for your backlinking campaign' So that as I said before, the articles are not magazine ready or perhaps a work of perfection -however they're adequate. You're looking for more uniqueness over perfection. As soon as you fire up the software, you'll see some icons for first time , Saved, Blueprints, Quick, and Tools. You will then be taken to the next screen for that scraping. The first choices the Content Source- I leave this with all the Built in Scraper. You will add your own local files on the mix, but for now we're just gonna stick to scraping some articles. Then you Download kontent machine  will see the options for Campaign Name - enter something you will remember with this particular campaign - for me personally I always use something regarding my keyword that I'm pulling content for. Next you will be asked to enter your keywords- you'll be able to enter up to 3. In some cases, I've had to use more general keywords because Kontent Machine couldn't find enough articles to scrape - if you decide to find that to be the case, just come back here and enter more general keywords and you should be fine. See the image below - The subsequent section revolves around this article quality and I prefer Tier 1 setting - this is the highest quality articles and after that I use WordAI for the spinning. Allow me to say this - there's little else quite like using WordAI for the spinning - this creates the most readable articles possible. You can use The Best Spinner, Spin Rewriter, or Kontent Machines own spinner, but none compare to the WordAI service. Next for Images/ Videos tab, I select random to mix it up. Since Kontent Machine already has pre-built templates to integrate with Magic Submitter and GSA, it's going to format the different entries which is why ones will accept videos and images. So this will just provide your content a good mix by incorporating having videos, some having images, and several having none in any way. This is where you add your links on your article. You will observe that you have 4 options you need to use - Contextual Links, Article Body Links, Resource Box links and you'll even add image links also. When you've entered how many you want of each, you'll manage to click and add your urls in addition to keywords. And this is a biggie - it's essential that you have a good variation of your respective keywords and don't stuff to numerous of your keywords as the anchors.


Posted Oct 20, 2015 at 8:03am