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Kitty Clean Paws

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Allow us turn this witty feline hygiene concept, into the "purrr-fect" staple item for cat owners.

Important Update
This campaign offers to donate a percentage of our own net proceeds to your city's poorest cat shelters as we exceed our crowdfunding target!
This helps the solely volunteer-based shelters, to be better equipped when planning on taking good care of some of the city's 100,000+ stray cats!
Your contributions can now go even further than you thought!
Good support... Kitty Clean Paws

About Kitty Clean Paws

All of us have an in-depth appreciation for our furry, feline friends... but what have we done lately to boost their hygienic state in our house and therefore, the overall health in our family?

It's 2014, then there is still no quick, inexpensive advancement to keep the everyday health status of homes that contain domestic animals. We at Kitty Clean Paws (KCP) aim to improve this.  Indiegogo Campaign

There are a few outdated, expensive and inconvenient devices available on the market; however, our KCP team wishes to give a better choice for you personally by revolutionizing the kitty owner world with this feasible and practical product!

But We'd like Your Help

Together with your help, we can bring the product looking at the current concept stage, into reality. Here's in places you benefit, as our Indiegogo backers have the opportunity to get exclusive KCP Founders! The facts of becoming a KCP Founder can be further explored by viewing the "Perks" section.

A few of the major goals from the $30, 000 we aim to raise should go towards:

- Correspondence trips to China for finalized product development and research
- Product manufacturing costs
- Global distribution expenses
- Veterinary consultation (to find the best quality items to your cat)
- Professionally designed website

Risks & Challenges

Though we at Kitty Clean Paws have evaluated all potential risks and honestly think the risks with KCP are limited or even non-existent, with regard to transparency (a courtesy to your valued Indiegogo backers) we've outlined a hypothetical challenge below:

- We believe that KCP will be successful in meeting its $30,000 goal - launching this system into its revolutionary trajectory. But when by a few unforeseen happenstance we're not able to meet our target, we won't be oblivious to the public disapproval and we'll discontinue KCP development via this particular means.
- The Solution: Spread what is the news of Kitty Clean Paw whenever you can and together we can turn this campaign into the success that we know it'll be!

Different ways You are able to Help

Many people just can't contribute financially, but that does not mean you can't help:

- Like us on Facebook
- Share our YouTube video
- Spread word-of-mouth far and wide
- Use the Indiegogo share tools!


Posted Oct 21, 2014 at 7:22am