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Kids On Acid

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It would seem that the musical act appropriately known as "Kids On Acid" are much more than just a trendy name. Believe it or not, these musicians are just about as outrageous as their moniker suggests. In fact, they have been setting the Southeast region ablaze with their incredible stylistic range and insanely progressive original material.

The Kids On Acid band have been known to make use of sophisticated grooves, wild yet meticulous guitar solos, and superbly orchestrated melodies led by an enchanting female vocalist. Truly, this is a band unlike any other, and this is exactly the type of unforgiving originality that makes everything they do so darn entertaining.

This is really one of those bands you just need to hear for yourself, so go check out their website or Facebook page to watch a few live performances and see if this Charleston rock band is coming to your town anytime soon.


Posted Dec 16, 2015 at 10:26am