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Ryan Taylor

Music's My Life (Feat. Chris Ray) *Single*


Genres: Hip Hop / Pop

Location: Boston Harbor, WA

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Ryan Taylor, rapping, and song writing is more than just a hobby, more than just a career; it is an investment:
and investment of heart, soul and raw, uncensored emotion. It’s the kind of investment that is
difficult to make and even more difficult to recoup but the return, I know, is unmeasurable
I am a 19-year-old rapper/ songwriter/ producer who adds a refreshingly vibrant hue
to the Hip-Hop/ Pop music color palette. My voice speaks truth and my swagger is irresistible;
My ability to stylistically craft a song is nothing short of uncanny.
I discovered my passion for music when I was nothing more than a toddler.
While most kids my age were resorting to temper tantrums as their mode of expression
I was belting out songs and setting the stage for my destiny.