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Kendall's Promise

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Genres: Pop / R&B / Club

Location: West Palm Bch, FL

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4 tracks

Members: Joey Lusk

Kendall's Promise is a solo project from musician Joey Lusk. He started out playing guitar at the age of fifteen, and started his first band called Upper Class Trash in the summer of 2002. The band played a tremendous amount of local shows before going on their first tour in 2004. In early 2005, the band recorded a full length album with producer Andrew Wade(A Day To Remember, Versa Emerge) in Ocala, FL. Shortly after the album had gotten into the hands of kids around South Florida, Herman Soto, who was the owner of indie label "School Night Records", contacted the band and asked them to sign with his label. The band signed with School Night Records, and from that moment on, released their album in stores all over the United States, and also over in Japan. They did eleven national tours with bands like Forever The Sickest Kids, Farewell, The Mile After, The Track Record, Southcott, Rookie Of The Year, Rory, The Sophomore Year, Fallen From The Sky, and many others, before breaking up in the fall of 2007.

After the band broke up, Joey started a new band with two others from Upper Class Trash, and called the new band Back To The Party. After recording an E.P. and gaining more than 80 thousand friends on Myspace, Joey was contacted by "Mister" from Compound University, which is a management company under Compound Entertainment, started and owned by R&B sensation Ne-Yo. They spent ten days in Atlanta, recording four new songs at Carrington House Studio, owned by Ne-Yo. After signing management contracts with Compound University, the band went through a few member changes, making it hard to maintain focus and a steady image. Two years into Back To The Party, Joey decided it wasn't working out for him anymore. He decided to quit the band, and take a break from music.

Half a year later, Joey decided to start a solo project that he would call Kendall's Promise. The style of music started out as a softer pop-rock, but then changed to a pop and R&B style. With beats that range from soft and emotional, to beats that sound like they would be played in clubs, Joey adds his melodies and vocal style that will keep the hook of the song repeating in your head. The album should be finished either late 2011 or early 2012, which will be released online through itunes.

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