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Genres: Drum and Bass / Rock

Location: E Chillisquaq, PA

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Cory A Yost (aka Kori KaotiK)
Musician's Bio

B-Day: Jan. 3rd, 1990 Hometown: Milton, PA

Genre: Club Rock/ Hard Rock/ Indie Punk/ Hip-Hop

Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Singing, Contemplating and Writing Poetry.

Previous Projects: The Jovian System, DorK, Bonehead, Arisinflames, Battle Axe Crossing, Sinesthia, High St. Syndrome, KaotiK, Dreamer, Crossroads, Unowned eyes, Ransom and Half Past Sober.

My music represents the unspoken words of a dying scene. It doesn't just cover one topic, but every topic. I grew up without very much money, so I consider my music to be from scratch being very bountiful and full of spirit. I want to share this music with the world, and aide in the rediscovering of the true meaning of music. I was affiliated with a band named The Jovian System, in which we played venues such as; Coachella Fest, in Coachella Valley, CA, and The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. My experiences include; managing a band, producing a band, album art design, playing gigs, booking gigs and engineering my own music. Currently my musical abilities include, but are not limited to; Singing (Alto, Tenor, Bass), playing guitar (Electric, Acoustic, and Bass), every brass instrument in an orchestral ensemble (both Bass and Treble clef), lyricism, and music production/engineering. My schedule, at this time, remains lenient and open for negotiation. I know that my music is compelling and the next big thing. I am open to any genre and venue. I am also open to compilations and cover songs. For More information on Kori Kaotik or Half Past Sober, feel free to contact either myself or Ruff Jungle Entertainment.

Contact info:

Cory a Yost (aka Kori KaotiK) Phone Number: (570)742-2545
33 Rose Street Personal Website: www.myspace.com/sexxisurf
Milton, PA 17847 Artist Page: www.myspace.com/sinesthia



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Nov 20, 2010

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