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Kanar Paparazi

mixtape is out... *free download* http://www.hotne


Genres: Hip Hop / Rap / Indie

Location: Raleigh, NC

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F.A.B. The Mixtape
About Me
Fuck what a nigga say or think, I'm only please females... work sales, no retail, no further details... stay clean like im detailed, Jamaican bred... i got dreads bt i'll put some shells in ya head til ya dead.

I'm Black, Jamaican and Chinese... I was born at 8months 8lbs brolic in St. John Hospital in Far Rockaway Queens.... I was Raised in Farrockaway Queens and moved to in Raleigh NC when I was 16... I have a beautiful little princess name "Mariah Leyoni Alanie Valentine"... Other then that ask and I'll let you know

What And Who Is Mafioso Music???

Making hit records... Giving the world music that they wanna hear... From party music to hood music... from girl songs to strip club songs... We do it all and we the best at it.... The Label Consist of Artist Such as Kanar Paparazi, Clubs, HiBoi Sosa and Loco... Producer name Taj Terra, and Bubbie Da Animal and DJ PrettyBoy Ace!!!!