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Kajin Chunsa

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Genres: Hip Hop / Rap / R&B

Location: Reno, NV

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Members: Kajin Chunsa


  • Lobster said:
    peek a boo! Wont let me play the songs on my phone. Think i meed flash player or.something. I'll stick to youtube. Jul 07
  • Melissa Massacre said:
    Love Relapse & thanks for the song! Make more crunkcore like this! Can't wait for your new stuff! May 22
  • Melissa Massacre said:
    Hey KC May 22
  • Tyler Cretin said:
    Hey man, I'mma fan! Good job on the song and keep it up! -NocturnalRainbows May 22
  • Deka Onhonota said:
    DOOOOOOOOPE music! i just Noticed that I live in the same state as you, bro. City too. o.O May 22
  • Goddard Gonzalez said:
    hey bro its lil G! whus good bro? imma fan cuz you know i gotchu! dope track homie! May 22
  • Zeke Broderick said:
    Good morning Kajin. It's Zeke from YouTube! I'm intrigued in your music. Keep it up. Thanks for the track. Zeke. May 22
  • Jordan Osbourne said:
    Okay now it works XD spammmmmmmmm! But you rock, never stop music for anything! youre gonna do it, i know! Thanks for the song May 22
  • Jordan Osbourne said:
    Aw, my comment didnt work :c but just know you rock! May 22
  • Jordan Osbourne said:
    Hey Kajin May 22

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May 18, 2012


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Melissa Massacre

Oakland, CA

Tyler Cretin

Fordland, MO

Deka Onhonota

Anderson Acres, NV

Zeke Broderick

United States

Jordan Osbourne

Belgrade, Serbia

Jennifer paterson

Manhattan, NY

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