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Just Saying


Genres: Pop / Rock / Acoustic

Location: Lincoln Park, NJ

Stats: 1 fans / 213 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Mike Pepino - Guitar, Jocef Baquilod - Guitar, Jim Schubert - Bass, James Santiago - Drums, Jaclyn Untisz- Vocals

Michael and Jaclyn met in high school in 2010. They had seen eachother before but never really talked to eachother too much until they had creative writting class together.
Well that is a good place to meet..haha!
Mike had tried to get Jaclyn to perform at open mic night with him but all did not end so well. They decided instead of performing there why not perform for fun all over.
Since July 2011 Mike and Jaclyn have been playing shows with eachother and just having fun along the journey.
In the winter of 2012 they added three more members to the band to create a full band! Now Jim, Jocef, James, Mike, and Jaclyn play shows together and live out their experiences to the fullest.
Come see them at a show (:




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Just Saying - EP

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