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Josh Leake

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Genres: Ambient / Electronic / Christian

Location: Gibsonia, PA

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Members: Josh Leake

If you click the 'Become a fan' button and send me a comment or message, I'll send you my self-titled acoustic CD, Mechanical Love EP, or some of my new demos for free!

- Hiya! I'm Josh. I love God and I love music. My musical styles and tastes are always moving in different directions but I think I'm rooted in electronic music. There's something about it that draws me. Right now I'm really into ambient, instrumental heavy music. You can download an old album of mine called "Mechanical Love" to the right. Thanks! -

Other projects I'm a part of:
Allison Park Kids Worship
Allison Park Worship

Check out the album!


  • Alyson Colaizzi said:
    Your Christmas song is my favorite. ;) Jan 24
  • vick. said:
    oh, love your song. s22 you maybe don't know, but you just reached a person so far away from you. in a time that i need such a help. x-x i'm from brazil. :DD and i'm passing by some problems that i needed to remember we are more than conquerors. God bless you. ;)) Jul 10
  • JB said:
    I love it. The acoustic stuff is my favorite:) Mar 23
  • Hayley said:
    i like it! Dec 24
  • jasmin Dulay said:
    whew!! Two thumbs up! love your stuff JOSH! keep it up! xd love yazz May 07
  • jasmin Dulay said:
    whew!! Two thumbs up! love your stuff JOSH! keep it up! xd love yazz May 07
  • Dream DeBeau said:
    You are so beautiful Sep 19
  • Lauren said:
    Amazing. Sep 18
  • hailey said:
    its so cool that you are a christian! keep making amazing music! Sep 15
  • tessa said:
    Dear Josh, You are amazing. I'm really happy that you love God and you're really talented too! I'm definatly sticking with you! love&stuff, me. Sep 07
  • becca :P said:
    ahhmazing (: nice ta find a talented christian guy like yerself making such amazing music, hope ta see ya make it big ;D Sep 02
  • Jennifer :) said:
    i love you. Aug 19
  • Jennifer Panaro said:
    Sing it out.... there are no words. It is really great. Keep it up. Aug 10
  • Esther Ruth said:
    i love your instrumental song! and i really like sing it out too. they are fabuloso lol ~Ess May 29
  • Emma Kercher said:
    wow! I really wish I had this song on my iPod. Dec 15


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