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Jericho Dani

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Genres: Trance / House / Pop

Location: Gulfport, FL

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4 tracks

Members: Jericho Dani

Jericho Dani is an up and coming producer looking to make it to the top. Working with multiple singers and looking to one day form a Trance band, Jericho is looking to get all his music out there to make it to the top and have his music played in some of the hottest clubs.

Jericho is currently working with Singers Janendal (Rikku), and Deepti Nair. He has 5 Cds released all ranging from Metal to Rock to Trance. His first Trance CD was featuring his own vocals and was followed up by his second called "Romantisim". The very first vocalist he worked with was Deepti, but had to find another vocalist to use while she attended to her other responsibilites. Jericho released the demo EVE along with DJ Arapp and Rikku, but after Dj Arapp split to presue other things, Jericho took over all the songs and everything band related re-releasing it under his name. Jericho will be releasing an album with another version of his song "So in love" along with the singer Deepti. He is also working on a Hard Trance album with the singer Lightning.




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