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Home staffing done right

Life is feverish. In between jobs, friendships, to-do lists, home upkeep, children and feeding ourselves (and the kids), we lose a bit of sanity as we attempt to manage more than we are physically able to, day in and day out. As adults with busy schedules, it's simple to fill our proverbial plate having a few too many duties. But while doing much might be constitutional, it certainly isn't healthy; according to the Stress and Depression Association of America, recent studies reveal that the long term effects of anxiety can be as serious as heart disease, asthma, diabetes and obesity. - Jamie Danielle

The good thing is there are simple methods to alleviate the everyday stresses of a contemporary lifestyle; the solution to your chaotic lifestyle is as easy -- or as hard--as relinquishing control. Once you reassign one task--say, cooking dinner, or lining up a babysitter--you can easily prioritize those other jobs and start eliminating strain. Jamie Danielle, CEO and founder of J Danielle & Company Domestic Staffing, has perfected the answer to your stress-relieving prayers.

Danielle and her team can give you the seasoned professionals needed to correctly execute some of those pesky, time-consuming jobs that tend to drain your time at home. With eight different types of domestic staffing options offered through their services, including executive housekeepers, nannies (or mannies), chefs, personal assistants, estate managers, butlers, national couples, and drivers, the solution to each one of your domestic difficulties is easy. Finding the top quality of domestic employees isn't any easy task, as Nicholas Ash, a third-generation Edwardian butler affiliated with J Danielle & Co, attests: "It Is like a desert," says Ash, "the people who actually possess the abilities, and experience, almost are impossible to discover." Danielle tirelessly sifts through bunches of average domestic staffers in search of those that possess the necessary abilities to function at an elite level; these aren't your average workers, but well-skilled and highly-experienced specialists.

With the affluent customer base who are used to receiving the very best in service, Danielle's staffing decisions are final of the success of her business. The hiring procedure is as sophisticated as the souffles her chefs cook up in the kitchen; multiple screening processes are followed by several interviews before a nominee is considered for hire. And the most crucial qualification: experience. "Most candidates will have at least three to five years of previous full-time experience working within their respective areas," Danielle says. And it is not only a matter of having some kind of previous experience, but a maturity in that particular area. "Often times, for instance, a chef who has worked in a commercial kitchen would not be suited to work in a private home, since the environment and conditions have become different. We optimally hire candidates who've had earlier estate experience." It's also important that these employees possess the right conduct; there is a fine line between helping and intruding, and J Danielle & Co. is responsible for finding staffers who recognize the delicacy of the private home surroundings.

The story of Danielle is an intimate one, full of unrelenting aspiration and steadfast fantasy -pursuing that allowed her to become the successful entrepreneur she's today. Danielle 's first love was with the artwork. After studying theater in the University of Colorado, she ventured to try her hand at acting. To earn her keep, she worked full time in the Beverly Hills Hotel as a hostess; it was that Danielle found her fire. "While working in the resort as a hostess, I discovered an interest in the amazing dishes that were being prepared," Danielle says of her eye-opening minute. After per year in L.A., she understood she needed a break and attempted a vacation in San Diego, where she determined to stay and began to focus fully on her cooking skills and technique. After landing a co-hosting job on renowned local celebrity chef Larry Banares' weekly Internet radio cooking show, Danielle eventually felt like she had the experience to pursue a lifetime career in the kitchen. Soon after, she was hired as a full-time private chef to get a leading family in Rancho Santa Fe, where she was inspired to start J Danielle & Co.

Now, J Danielle & Co. is celebrated as one of the finest national staffing companies in the region. Although her path was long, varied and, yes, trying, there isn't any uncertainty that Danielle has found her calling. Through the incredible team at J Danielle & Co., that stressful to-do list you've been worrying about can readily transition from "to do" to "done." - Jamie Danielle


Posted Sep 06, 2015 at 12:32am