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  • shopping said:
    niceeeeeee Jan 18
  • Sandrine Besteller said:
    Big Fan Here Apr 07
  • Katy Linsao said:
    Your father is my idol. You've definitely inherited the talent. :) May 12
  • Emo Kitten said:
    Hey can u fan this band at purevolume.com/rse or at least give them a listen thnx! Oct 05
  • Alexa Shmide said:
    i suport everything you do ! i bought the friday night lights soundtrack, and your latest cd! so yea love you Jul 06
  • Bianca said:
    ohey jakob! just wanted to say that i bought the Friday Night LIghts Vol.2 soundtrack and your on it! which you probly already know lol! but anyway love you and your music come to canada!! Jul 06
  • ami said:
    Jakob dylan you my friend is very awsome and talented!!! I bought the friday night lights soundtrack jsut beacuse of your awsome amazingness that is on it!!!! Jul 06
  • Shane Causyn said:
    hey check out my band when you get the chance, were called 'a summer scene' , you will love us if you love boys like girls and all time low! were new to purevolume, so please become a fan and like our page to help out :) hope you like our music! thank you! Jul 05
  • alicia said:
    jakob dylan you are a god! i herd you first on the friday night lights soundtrack and i lovedd you ever since! Jun 30
  • Amanda said:
    Hi Jakob!! I took would like to say thank you so much for collaborating with friday night lights and having your music on their show!! You're a great part of the soundtrack!! Jun 21
  • BBlack said:
    SOmething Good This Way COmes!!! enuff said, great song. all props to the friday night lights soundtrack for showing it to me !! Jun 10
  • AshleyLeigh. said:
    hey, please check out bright light avenue. they're really awesome. www.purevolume.com/brightlightavenue May 30
  • ji5mpunker said:
    you're awesome!! May 29
  • JJKJE said:
    If you get a chance plz check out www.purevolume.com/darkloud and tell us what you think. It may not be your style but its worth a shot. If you like it become a fan and give us one more reason to write music May 28
  • hello, operator. said:
    Woah, Jakob Dylan on Purevolume? funny, i never would have thought that. I grew up listening to the wallflowers and your dad's music aswell. My dad would play it non stop when i was younger. Now he plays this stuff all the time. love it. May 27
  • Boreo Goes Acoustic said:
    guys check out my songs. free downloads! :) thanks. http://www.purevolume.com//BoreoGoesAcoustic May 26
  • KRaUJh7Rdx7NhtoX6radYxRjRDdO said:
    I'm a fan of the Wallflowers stuff a tad better at this point, but this is really awesome! May 25
  • idprluis7 said:
    Check out "In Dependence" from Puerto Rico to you http://www.purevolume.com/idpr http://www.myspace.com/idpr http://www.facebook.com/idpridpr May 25
  • Bianca Fraga said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/why1 YOU WILL LOVE IT May 24
  • Michelle said:
    :) its good May 15