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It is a small world but i dream big


Genres: Rap / Hip Hop

Location: Franklin, IN

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They said I'm going down the wrong path, but i kept following my aspirations never knowing the outcome. Whoever knew this white boy would have an album? A seed yet to sprout for myself to block out all my doubts. I've loved rap music since I was eight years old when I heard my first song from Biggy Smalls. I started out writing poems. I was always poetic and energetic about how words rhyme. It became a fascination of mine. I found music a helpful stress relief. When other singers rapped about money, I rapped about relationships, drugs, and a blueprint of my life. A list of events, emotions, dark thoughts, and party songs as well. Girls seemed to love my voice. They connected to my music on an emotional level. It helped some of my fans get through some hard times, and others just to dance. I'm only five mixtapes in the game, but I know in my heart there's bigger things to come; Ya boy Jae White.



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