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Isr Sach

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Genres: Electronic / Rock / Pop

Location: Mexicali, Mexico

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Isr Sach is a psychodelic character performed by Israel Sanchez on stage... A weird-strange mix of Rock-Pop and Electronic music with original prints and sparks... Isr Sach starts writting songs at the age of 11 years old

1st song recorded "Use": Completely romantic pop song recorded at 2002... Not included in non social web community... Saved for himself (Music: Saulo Cisneros / Lyrics: I. Sach / Recorded, Mastered, Mixed by Saulo Cisneros)
2nd song recorded "In a trouble fight again": Song recorded at 2006 inspired by his parents divorce and fights... Taking the lived momments and representing it this song (Music: Saulo Cisneros / Lyrics: I. Sach / Recorded, Mastered, Mixed by Saulo Cisneros)
3th song recorded: "Alivio casero para la baja autoestima": Song recorded at 2007 with more grown up sound... Talking about a boy who kills himself (Music: Saulo Cisneros / Lyrics: I. Sach / Additional voices: Alma Berumen / Recorded, Mastered, Mixed by Saulo Cisneros)

Isr Sach Joins into a band named "Electroshock" with another guys (One of those Bryan from Autocinema) until he realizes there is no opportunity for him to grow up

4th song recorded "Beauty & Subliminal": Taking inspiration from a sentence created by the letters BS for his clothing designing project "BonSach" and advising everybody his coming with everything and he does not give a s**t (Music: Saulo Cisneros, I. Sach / Lyrics: I. Sach / Recorded, Mastered, Mixed by Saulo Cisneros)
5th song recorded "Become": Written at a music session with Sergio Gonzalez and Alan Padilla, talking about meeting a person who you think is something that really does not and it makes you feel really bad

With some failed band attempts Isr Sach kept on creating music until he haves the enough material to play live... Isr Sach starts playing by his own with a borrowed laptop at 25-June-09 at ZAIKObar with a an audience about 30 people and 1 canceled band on the show... Later plays again at ZAIKObar with 5 people audience and 3 canceled bands... Isr Sach started playing on private parties and everywhere he cans... Isr Sach most big audience until now is about 100 people at Telvista's Cultural week contest... Isr Sach won 1st place against about 15 performers with the song "Not alive" (Song inspired by the stupid attitude that MTV Sweet 16 TV show's protagonists have)... Isr Sach is working at new music and keeps looking for musicians who will like to join into Isr Sach's project

In March 2010 Isr Sach starts working in a new EP that talks about the new generation that we're living in... This EP is named "New age EP"... 90's electro influences like europop (Eiffel 65, Aqua)... Depeche mode still as a big influence... With more happy beats... Lyrics talks about the New generation of people and how the technology is consuming us... The track list is not finished yet cause Isr Sach is working in the lyrics still.

The "New age EP" coming soon

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This is Electrostuff! EP

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