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Is Cancer a Virus ?

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Is Cancer a Virus ?


The Billion dollar Question: Is Cancer the herpes simplex virus ?

Many individuals want to know if cancer is really a virus or perhaps a bacteria. There are lots of answers that can be given, but let�s take particular notice at the situation. Is Cancer a Virus Or Disease

Is Cancer a Virus?

Cancer is neither a virus or bacteria. The main cause of cancer is genetic mutations. Cancer occurs within a person if the cells of their body mutate, causing the body to not recognize them. Many people refer to cancer like a malignant tumor. Abnormal cell growth is frequently connected with cancer.

Lots of people think that cancer is really a virus due to the capacity to quickly spread in one section of the body to a different. Resistant to the popular belief of many people, all tumors are not cancerous. These tumors are known as benign tumors, plus they usually do not invade other areas of the body.


Is Cancer the herpes simplex virus ? Warning signs of Cancer

There are numerous warning signs of cancer that lots of people ignore or don�t know to look for. Everyone�s person is not the same, and may even show all of these signs or symptoms or only a few. For those who have an aching that does not appear to heal as soon as it should, you might want to talk to your physician. If you experience any unusual bleeding or discharge, this might be an illustration that you've cancer. Probably the most common symptoms that individuals with cancer understand are lumps in the breast or somewhere else in or on the human body. As far as these are concerned, the most frequent symptom or sign in this case are lumps within or on the testicles.

If you see that you have a large amount of indigestion or difficulty swallowing, these signs may be something should investigate. Other indications of cancer which are not as fashionable as other includes a headache that never appears to disappear completely plus an unexplained or unusual level of weight reduction or extra weight.

Other indications that cancer may be present include extreme pain inside the bones or another areas of the body that generally seems to frequently come and go, constant nausea and vomiting or a constant low-grad fever. Constant infections may be another indication that cancer exists within your body.

Different Types of Cancer

There are numerous forms of cancer which are common including bladder, breast, lung, prostate, pancreatic, leukemia, and colon cancer. The most common form of cancer which includes probably the most lives is carcinoma of the lung. There are over 224,210 new cases of cancer of the lung according to the American Cancer Society. Cancer causes more than 12% with the world�s annual deaths. In america, there's just a 66% survival rate related to cancer. Is Cancer a Virus Or Disease

Is Cancer a Virus ?

Many doctors feel that greater than 28% of most cancers can be prevented with significant life changes. In additional recent studies, greater than 68% of latest cancer cases exist in those people who are more than 55.


Cancer Prevention

Cancer can be prevented by major life changes, including quitting alcohol and smoking. A wholesome and balanced diet is always a terrific way to balance all things in your system and live longer.


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