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MC Impulse

Brother Pride out now! @ impulse.bandcamp.com


Genres: Hip Hop / Rap / Indie

Location: Kansas City, MO

Stats: 123 fans / 20,214 plays / 36 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Nick Riley: keyboards and synths, vocals, beats, percussion, mixing, mastering

***11/7/2011 - Anyone who wants to digitally order the record can do so now! All the songs are up and you can download the whole thing for a measly $8! If you'd like a physical copy, email me @ hoopblaah@yahoo.com

Thanks and have a Fantastic Thanksgiving!

***10/14/2011 - Brother Pride is officially up for pre-order on the following site...


Digitally pre-order now and receive 4 killer tracks immediately and you'll also be emailed a link to download the rest of the record 2 days before the official release date! Thumbs up for being first, ah?
I've been working on this thing since April so let me tell you, I am Very relieved that it's all finished and am ecstatic about how great it sounds. So please check out the pre-order at the above listed URL and hope you enjoy!

10/10/2011 - everything's coming together for my debut hip hop album! All the songs are done and all that's left to do is hammer out the technicalities. Official title? Brother Pride. Watch for the release date. I'll let you all know exactly when the official release date is.

Peace and love,
Impulse (Nick Riley)

5/1/2011 - Sabbat song and instrumental available now!!!
Purchase the two track set for a measly dollar at smoothbeetz.bandcamp.com !!! :)

This is my latest work. Inspired by some of my favorite gritty, underground, Atlanta hip hop, Sabbat goes hard complete with sample chops, distortion on the ad-libs, and 3 part harmonies in the hook. Hope you all enjoy and look out for my album that will drop this fall.

12/7/2010 - NEW single, O Vos, out now!!
Hippity Hoppin-sampled-boom-bappin-kind-of-music.

Purchase my new single at...


-Impulse (Nick Riley)

- 7/20/2010 - Letters From Space EP
So here it is! haha I've been working on this EP for the last 7 or so months and decided, because I love you guys, to put it out there for free. If there was one genre to describe it, I'd say... Dream Pop-electro-ragged-rock. Hope you dig!

Peace and love,
Nick (The Impulse Inadequate)

Follow me at twitter.com/impulsekc !!!

Hello everybody! My debut EP, Weatherby is now available to purchase on itunes! The EP features a total of six songs and
a bonus track. I've posted two tracks from it, Teacher and Weatherby, so please listen and see what you think! Enjoy!
Hope it's to your liking!

-----EP INFO-----

I started recording this EP back in the late summer/fall of last year. I put a lot of effort into making sure that all of the lyrics were as personal and thought provoking as possible. The main instruments I chose to use were piano, bell synths, midi drums and strings. It's definitely a super chillaxed album. I thought I'd share with you all why I chose to name my EP what I did. Near my house in KC, there is a body of water called Weatherby Lake. I go out there all the time with friends and skate through the old streets or sit on a bench and talk near a playground in its center.
Anyway, one night, a few of my friends and I were sitting on a dock just feet from the water's edge. The night was perfect. The temperature was just right, the air was calm, and as I gazed out into the lake, I noticed how beautiful the surrounding was. I was in awe of how pretty it looked with the sky still backlit from the sunset and the water so clear that it looked like glass. You could literally see the clouds above in the reflection of the water. Incredible. Serenity is a major thing I tried to capture. Simple instrumentals with thoughtful lyrics. Hope it's to your liking! Please show some love and purchase the EP on iTunes if you dig it. :)

Peace and love,


  • Shelbie said:
    Aug 25
  • JJKJE said:
    great vocals by the way Aug 18
  • JJKJE said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/ijm for acoustics just a musician trying to get started! Aug 18
  • The Part of Lions said:
    The sound you make and incredible, congratulations. Aug 05
  • Ashley Strickland said:
    This my dear, is quite amazing. I'm impressed. :) Apr 06
  • Christie said:
    Feb 21
  • Christie said:
    i Jan 25
  • chiodos#1forever said:
    keep making awesome music Dec 11
  • ♥kelsey. said:
    Ahhhh mazing ! haha love you!! Nov 25
  • falling1 said:
    REALLY AMAZING!! check out purevolume.com/nightlightcircus ....indie/acoustic amazing too! Aug 03
  • Sammie Smiles said:
    this is so fun! really really cool! keep making music man your great! Jul 13
  • a.sarahc said:
    SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!! Jul 02
  • dbaskt@hotmail.com said:
    Hey man you're music is great(except for the rap) I would be very thankful if you could here some of my song's e give me your opinion.....the song's need to be more worked on...so I would really appreciate your opinion: www.purevolume.com/davibaldussi God Bless! Apr 30
  • ImSum1IveNvrMet said:
    Whoa! this is SERIOUSLY some of the best music EVER!!! i am completely in LOVE with it!!! I dont really know what else to say...... simply PERFECT! ;) LOL i agree with volcomrose, monster was GREAT! ;)ROTFL Apr 13
  • VolcomRose said:
    OH my god Monster is even better!! Totally cracked me up!! I LOVE IT Mar 11


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