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New Song!! check the album Due For a Colder Winter


Genres: Emo / Experimental / Indie

Location: Ray, MI

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4 tracks

Members: Oliver Lurail

Hey everyone I'm having difficulties rotating songs around so I'm not going to do it all that much on this site. However if you click on the album or check out mysoundcloud ( soundcloud.com/I_shade )you will be able to see my new stuff no trouble!!

With a unique yet simple acoustic and touching lyrics really bring you down to earth. He is a solo artist that has many plans starting with his Ep that is coming out the end of January, "Malfunctions & Car Crashes". This EP is a 4 track CD that gives you a rare twist to acoustic and screamo. Also in the process is his full length album called "Due for a colder winter" offering a more mellow tone. Aside that, enjoy and dont be scared to comment!!!!!


  • Legna Zeg said:
    sounds interesting, :D Sep 29
  • Luis said:
    nice bro.. but you need to fix that because of your voice can't hear... but it sounds good :) Aug 12
  • Emma ^,,^ (Bewitched :3) said:
    I agree. But good. Jan 18
  • Colourful_Strawberry said:
    You need to fix that, you can't really hear your voice over the guitar. But it still sounds pretty good ^_^ Jan 10

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