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I Ate Everybody

I Ate Everybody


Genres: Death Metal / Hardcore

Location: Paramount, CA

Stats: 53 fans / 2,222 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Vocals - Johnny, Guitar - John, Drums - Cesar

I Ate Everybody formed in 2006 by John (Lead Guitar), Johnny (Vocals), Eroik (Bass Guitar) and Ceaser (Drums) in Paramount, California. After creating a Demo they took an extensive tour along the coast of California. Later in 2007 Drummer Ceaser Campillo left the band for reasons unknown. The band spent a few months searching for another drummer through myspace, but were not able to find a suitable drummer. Soon after John and Eroik left the band, Johnny was forced to lay I Ate Everybody to rest in early 2007. Johnny has moved on to join another band called "The Parasitic Complex" which can be found on myspace.

The Reason this page is run is to spread great music of a great band who fell on hard times. Here you can find all the songs they recorded and played live. Songs like their relentless "Crushed by the Gears" and "Gather all the Bodies". Here you can also find less known songs like "With no Remorse" and their Demo of "John Doe". This is the only site where you can find a biography, All of their original artwork and All of their songs for download (Virus and Spyware Free). Enjoy.


  • Faileh said:
    'The next word that comes out of your mouth better be some brilliant fucking Mark Twain shit cause it's definitely getting chiseled on your tombstone' Love it :D Mar 02
  • Joehh-Grindahh said:
    you guys frikkin rule jeez .. 3 members and you are the like.. best deathmetal band ever Jun 19
  • Jason Mother Fucking Kee said:
    If You All Like Metal I Think You Should Just Go To My Profile And Check Out All The Fucking Metal Bands I Know Ha... Just Saying I Have Like Every Fucking Band, Which Is Why I'm Putting This On Most Of My Favorite Bands Sites. Be My Friends And Accect My My Gift Of... Metal =) May 24
  • hectorr said:
    you guys played some of the best music i ever heard! rip i ate everybody Nov 23
  • RawritsLilly said:
    Johnny i fucking love you brah keep it up. Your fucking amazing and EXTEREMLY handsomee Mar 17
  • RawritsLilly said:
    You guys are MINE Mar 17

I Ate Everybody

Apr 13, 2006


Lakeside, VA


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