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Humut Tabal

Dark Emperor ov the Shadow Realm available now!


Genres: Metal / Other / Death Metal

Location: Austin, TX

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4 tracks

Members: Grimzaar- Lead guitar, Vocals. Hravan- Rhythm guitar, vocals. Prokingu- Bass guitar. Njord- Rhythmic Construction

The band was originally formed in March of 2009 with the initial collaboration between Rex Simmons (Grimzaar) & Hravan (Dylan Faas). Local drummer Adrian Voorhies (Njord) was recruited and the group began composing material under the moniker Humut Tabal, the ferryman of the Underworld in the mythology of ancient Sumer. Use of a Mesopotamian entity reflects the desire to create impressions of timelessness. With this lineup, the group began composing music and performing across Texas in 2009, including an appearance on a local public access channel in Houston for their third official performance.

The next year brought more time on the road, as well as a debut recording release- the "Gods ov Darkness, Hate and Flame" EP, released by grassroots microlabel The Dread Lair. This year also marked the beginning of lead guitarist and vocalist Grimzaar's attending university for musical composition, which would go on to truly define and enrich the scholastic and artistic elements of Humut Tabal's unique way of playing.

With the onset of 2011, great opportunity arose. New compositions surfaced- refined, realized and adventurous. A thematic concept was adapted to the music, the story grew and a true new era ushered in for the band when German multi-disciplinary musician, composer, record producer and instrument designer Markus Reuter (The Crimson ProjeKCt, Touch Guitars Inc., Stick Men) approached the band to discuss the creation of a debut full length recording. The timing couldn't have been better. With the strike of the clock marking the end of 2010, the band ventured to Hanover, Germany in January to begin tracking Dark Emperor ov the Shadow Realm at Horus Sound Studio (The Scorpions, Celtic Frost, Kreator, Sodom) with Reuter as producer and Adrian Benavides as co-producer. Two weeks later, with the band returning home, mixing and mastering commenced in the UK by Lee Fletcher.

The rest of 2011 and the whole of 2012 would see three statewide tours, multiple local festival appearances & a consistent road schedule throughout the seasons, as well as a split release with local band Plutonian Shore- "Oaths ov Stygian Dusk", again released by The Dread Lair. A promotional video for the song "Ode To Misanthropy- This I Swear" was created by the staff of Feral Noise Magazine (Houston, TX), which would go on to be published on numerous online blogs and review sites. Additional musicians were brought in to supply bass guitar & keyboards as the music grew more daring, experimental and demanding of additional personnel to accomplish. These helped in serving the live performances to the fullest possible degree, which began to incorporate elements of improvisation, aleatoric music and indeterminacy in live performance as well as thematic movements, exploring other onstage energy through hand percussion and auxiliary drums, ritual replication and minimalism.

As 2013 began, the band recruited bass guitarist Aed from Houston and initiated his position with a performance at the Os Moe Is True festival in Aarschot, Belgium playing alongside bands like Temple of Baal (Agonia Records, France) & Waldgefluster (Birdrune Records, Germany). Upon the bands return to Texas, founding member Hravan took his leave. Utilizing the newly found fluidity between the three players to further refine their musical goals, a second split recording with French group Weoran was recorded in October and released in 2014 on both CD (Exalted Woe Records, North Dakota) and tape formats (Red River Family Records, Texas). The split gave insight to fans of the new creative force in the band, featuring a string quartet followed by dissonant Black Metal in 5/4 time.

In June of 2014, the band released their magnum opus Dark Emperor ov the Shadow Realm to a sold out house of over 700 in Austin as part of a wildly successful release show. Soon thereafter, in December through January, the band packed their bags and set out on a two and a half week tour of the U.S. West Coast and garnered the attention of various markets in the west. All eyes are set on the East & the rest of the country as the group prepares to hit the road.