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Human Wreckage

Our Music Is Our Arsenal, We're Ready For War


Genres: Metal / Rock / Alternative

Location: Rogers City, MI

Stats: 3 fans / 62 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Morgan Suszek (Vocals), Mark Tarsney (Guitar/Vocals), Dave Shadbolt (Drums), Steve Schulwitz (Bass/Vocals)

Home Grown Michigan Metal...We Are Human Wreckage!

In early 2014, Human Wreckage received news that their bassist was leaving the band. Human Wreckage wasted no time, however, with new addition Mark Tarsney. Mark stepped in on guitar and former guitarist, Steve Schulwitz, took over bass duties. They have been diligently working to get back out on the scene and plan on it, very soon. Plans to continue recording with The Darwin Project's Brett Harfert are also still in motion, something to memorialize the hard work and dedication of the past seven years is on the horizon. Stay tuned...

In late 2012, Human Wreckage decided to part ways with their bassist. Shortly after they announced their newest member, David Rude, officially stepping in on the bass. It has been a whirlwind getting him up to speed, but, musically, they seem to be on the same page and, already, they are back playing gigs around their Northeastern Lower Michigan region.

In early 2011, after a line-up change and a brief hiatus, Human Wreckage became as it is today: David Shadbolt on drums, Elton Schalk on bass, Steve Schulwitz on guitar/back-up vocals, and openly gay lead singer, Morgan Suszek. Since the reformation HW has been working on harnessing their energy and perfecting their sound; melodic but heavy. With a new set, the band is now focusing on recording and playing live at different venues around Michigan.



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Rogers City, MI

Morgan Suszek

Rogers City, MI

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