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The best way to Plan a Post on Facebook

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The best way to Plan a Post on Facebook
Facebook will continue to make changes to its interface and although quite a few users have objected to specific changes, one new feature that's invaluable particularly on the busy people could be the the one that lets users post messages including images and videos before hand. This is whats called scheduling posts. How to Schedule Tweets and posts

To prospects who don't have more time to create status updates on Facebook on a daily basis, this new feature can help you schedule your messages beforehand. For even an entire week and the succeeding months, you can schedule your posts whether they're plain text or with photos and videos. In this way, it's not necessary to be worried about logging in to the platform and doing a shoutout manually each day.

Earlier, scheduling an article on Facebook was simply possible through 3rd party apps including those employed for Twitter. Fortunately, the people behind this top social websites site thought about developing such feature right from the platform.

The way to Schedule a Post

It's with relative ease to schedule your status updates on Facebook. Bear in mind, however, that can be done this only on a page you manage and not on the personal news feed or profile page.

On your own business page, select the status box using your cover photo that claims "What are you currently approximately?" and initiate typing your message. If you are done, go through the clock icon within your message.

Then click on the +Add year link and pick the correct year. Next, go through the month link, select the correct month. Proceed together with the day, hour and minutes you'd like to schedule your post to look out. Make sure how the time and date are correct and if you're okay with it, click on the Schedule button below. How to Schedule Tweets and posts

To check your scheduled post, click View Activity Sign on the box that shows up after scheduling your update.

Editing Scheduled Posts

Editing scheduled posts can be possible on Facebook. Don't forget, though, that one could change enough time you wish to publish this post and never the writing or link you have included.

If you're posting on the business page, click on your Activity Log section by clicking the Edit Page button on top the main page. Select the down arrow to show the dropdown list and then choose Use Activity Log.

For the activity log page, search for the scheduled post you want to edit as well as on the right corner, go through the down arrow and judge the appropriate action you want. Go through the Change time option in order to post the update in an earlier or later time. Click on the Publish now option if you decide to post the update straight away.


Posted Jun 08, 2015 at 5:28am